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10 Stylish Newspaper WordPress Themes

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Choose from some awesome WordPress themes if you have news, blog, review, magazine or publishing website. Newspaper themes on WordPress are specifically designed to highlight latest stories and top articles for your readers. Also, the best WordPress themes for magazine style websites also include plenty of opportunities to monetize your website to maximize profits.

It can be a challenge to shop for the best kind of newspaper theme for your WordPress site. Therefore, we’ve put together the top 10 magazine-style WordPress themes. When you browse through the screenshots, you will see that these WP themes allow you to easily publish your content, highlight your top articles, incorporate eCommerce possibilities, and host your blog. What’s more, all of these themes have been chosen because they represent the latest in design technology and are specifically designed to be viewed easily on mobile devices.

Let’s look at the very best Newspaper WordPress themes to publish your news and blog content.

1. Newspaper

Newspaper WordPress theme is one of the best and most popular magazine themes. You can use this theme for blogs, magazines, publishing, or review sites. The theme package comes complete with tagDIV Composer to make designing your website as easy as possible. There are over 40,000 sales on this theme and when you see it’s great features, you will see why is is very popular.

What else do you get with Newspaper WP theme? Here are some more great features:

  • Designed to quickly load on mobile devices
  • Incorporates an intelligent ad system to monetize your site
  • Comes with 14 unique post templates for video, portfolio, and blog pages

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2. Sahifa WordPress Theme

If you need to publish content in a newspaper style WP theme, then Sahifa is a great choice. Sahifa comes with a great admin panel that allows you to fully customize your magazine style website. One of the great features of Sahifa is the social counter widget. Sahifa also features amazing page layouts and templates to wow your readers and encourage them to interact with your site.

What else do you get with Sahifa? Check out some other great features:

  • Over $74 of plugins incorporated with the theme package
  • Comes in light and dark styles with customizable backgrounds
  • Mobile friendly with responsive pages that load quickly

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3. SmartMag

One of the benefits of SmartMag for a newspaper-type WordPress theme is its ease of use. SmartMag allows you to publish your magazine, blog, review, or publishing website on an easy-to-use interface. The theme also includes demos with content that allows you to get your website up and running in no time at all. There is an intergrated review system built in which is essential for any magazine website.

Here are some of the other excellent reasons to buy SmartMag:

  • Premium plugins like Slider Revolution included for free
  • Optimized for SEO to get your site ranking high in Google search results
  • Intergrated WooCommerce to sell products directly from your website

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4. NewsMag WordPress Theme

NewsMag gives you all you need in a WordPress publishing theme to publish your content. The WP theme includes tagDIV composer which is specifically designed for newpaper publishing. You can create all your pages effortlessley using the drag and drop features. You also get lifetime support when you buy the package.

Some of the other fantastic features of this WP theme include:

  • Monetize your site with responisve Google ads
  • Features YouTube videos and a rating system
  • Very versatile WP theme to create stunning looking webpages for your magazine content

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5. Valenti Newspaper Theme for WordPress

Valenti theme for newspaper and magazine-style sites lets you publish content in a professional looking way. The theme features stunning parallax effects with large mega menus to provide an amazing visual experience for your readers. You create pages with no effort at all using its drag and drop system. Added to all that, you can create unique pages and blog styles to have a website like no other!

Some of the other stunning features the Valenti theme includes are:

  • Responsive and retina ready for amazing HD graphics
  • The theme comes with detailed documentation to help you create fantastic news pages
  • Consistently receives great reviews from satisfied users

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6.Gonzo WordPress Theme

We just love the Gonzo WordPress theme for newspaper publishing site because it is so easy to use. Webpages created in the Gonzo theme look fantastic because of the HD responsive pages that it creates. Websites are created using various modules in a drag and drop system. Every webpage is flexible so you can design webpages exactly as you want.

There are other strong reasons to buy this newspaper theme:

  • Widgets for videos, social media, latest posts, and thumbnails included
  • Intergrated comments from Facebook
  • Modern design that features responsive, fast loading webpages

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7. Goodnews WordPress Publishing Theme

Goodnews WordPress theme gives you all you need to set up and run a professional magazine, review, or publishing website. You don’t have to worry that your website will look like your competitor’s because the theme is fully customizable. One of the great benefits of Goodnews is that the ad system works perfectly to help monetize your website.

What else do you get with Goodnews WordPress newspaper theme?

  • Visual Composer is included to easily design unique webpages
  • Set up so that translation is easy and seemless
  • Intergrated plugins like BBpress, MailChimp, portfolio, and WooCommerce

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8. 15Zine Publishing WP Theme

There are many great features in 15Zine WP theme that make it one of the most popular newspaper themes on the market today! 15Zine is used by many popular publishing websites and it features amazing page templates. For example, the is a trending bar for your most popular posts, an exclusive image system for your posts, and infinite scrolling.

Other amazing features of 15Zine WP theme are:

  • Powerful ajax megamenus
  • Essential plugins for newspaper websites like BuddyPress, BBPress, WooCommerce, and Reviews
  • Rich snippet markup for great exposure on Google

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9. Voice WP Theme

Voice features a clean website design that is easy to use and pleasant on the eye. The WP theme has been specifically designed with editorial content in mind so that users can esaily find what they are looking for. The theme has been programmed to load super fast in modern, responsive pages. You can also take advantage of advanced theme options.

But there are more reasons to buy Voice theme for newspaper-type sites:

  • Unlimited fonts and colors to personalize your website
  • Paginated posts to help monetize your website and maximize profits
  • Built-in banner ads to further increase profits from your editorial website

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10. Braxton WordPress Newspaper Theme

One of the best editorial WordPress themes is Braxton. This features classic magazine-style designs with a modern twist. For example, you can keep users on your homepage with infinite scroll and post/page slideshows. Braxton theme also allows you to post great audio or video posts in full-width, fully responsive pages.

Why does the Braxton theme represent great value for money?

  • Setup your website in no time at all with the included demo content
  • At a forum to your newspaper or review website with bbPress
  • Fully customizable with unique widgets and page/post layouts

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