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15 Examples of Excellent Kinetic Typography Videos

Kinetic typography (or motion typography) is described as the art of animated text. These kinetic typography videos are quickly becoming very popular for a reason - the outcomes are visually stunning. It is a great source for discovering inspiration in an unusual way that portrays the technique of combining typography with evoking a sense of motion. In this article, we showcase the top 15 kinetic typography videos today using various techniques. Enjoy!

Arabic Typography: 24 Beautiful and Modern Examples

Arabic Typography may not be the word on everyones mouths in the design world, but it sure is making its way there. People might think of it as complicated Islamic verses, but it isn't. Arabic typography can in fact be very simple and elegant, as proved in this post.

Here is a collection of Arabic typography by various typographers. Let us know what you think of Arabic typography and what one is your favourite in the comments section!

If you took an interest in these works, check out the following book about Arabic typography: "Arabic for Designers".

Powerful Posters: 40 Wonderful Typographic-Based Examples

Typography is one of the strongest elements that can be used in print design, and in many cases is the first focal point, especially in the 40 typographic-based posters featured in this showcase. Examples include minimal design making use of white space, subtle texture and large type, to the busy, modern day digital design jam-packed full of colour and making use of several types of media.

20 Piping Hot Helvetica Based Typographic Posters

Helvetica is one of the worlds most popular and most used typefaces, the original Sans Serif font is 53 years young, whilst the Cyrillic version was released in 1970, Rounded in 1978 and Neue in 1983. The typeface is so popular, it is used in a number of big companies brand identity, for example; American Airlines, Toyota, BMW, and Microsoft. In this showcase I have listed some fantastic Helvetica posters that really do the typeface some justice. If you're not a fan of the font, these fantastic pieces may just make you warm to it a little.

30 Magnificent and Inspirational Ampersand Illustrations

The word "ampersand" is created from the slurred form of "and, per se and", which the alphabet ended with, historically. The Ampersand symbol is a ligature of the letters E and T, which spells the word "et", Latin for "and". The word ampersand was added to the dictionary in 1837.

To some people, the ampersand is nothing but an alternative for the word ëandí. To others, it's a piece of beauty. Its bold curves and defining shape makes the ampersand fun to draw and fun to design. Allow me to present these magnificent renditions of the already magnificent Ampersand. What's your favourite?

Top 10 Kinetic Typography Videos on the Web

Kinetic typography is just a fancy word for "moving text". As the name says this animation technique mixes motion and text. The text is presented in a certain way to convey or evoke an idea or emotion in the viewer, making it work well for songs, movie quotes, information and TV commercials. Kinetic typography is often spotted in movie credits. The great thing about a good kinetic typography piece is that by using just typography, sound, colours and animation they evoke strong feelings in the viewer. I have come across many good kinetic typography pieces on YouTube which inspired this showcase.