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Sport Brand Marketing: “Adidas” Posters and TV Commercials

This is the second sport brand marketing post in the series, following up on a similar article focusing on "Nike" posters and commercials. This time we are focusing on another major player in the sports industry, Adidas.

Adidas has became a major force in the sporting world, none more so than in football where they have some of the biggest names, if not the biggest name in the industry; David Beckham. Over the last few years they have became a far larger brand, now focusing on becoming a fashion line on top of just sport wear, allowing them to involve non-sporting celebrities.

Sport Brand Marketing: “Nike” Posters & TV Commercials

Nowadays marketing is everything with a brand, and the market where this is no more relevant, is that of the Sporting Good Manufacturer's. This showcase will focus on probably the biggest sports brand in the world, Nike. They sponsor some of the biggest sports stars the world has ever seen, and combine all sorts of design and creativity in their projects - completed out by some of the greatest designers to this day and age. Nike are always at the forefront of the trends, and their TV commercials especially are normally trend-setters.