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Yellow Belly Cute: Pikachu Pixel Art

There have been many artistic incarnations of Pokemon’s yellow, cuddly, cat-like character, Pikachu, from the people dyeing their cat’s fur yellow and photographing it, to less extreme creations in the form of nail art. Pikachu is among the nominees for the “Most Popular Cute Character” award, battling it out with Hello Kitty among others. Here we have Pikachu in pixel art form, with occasional appearances by his buddies Ash Ketchum and Jigglypuff, with materials from the art store and beyond.

The Wonderful World Of 8-Bit Pixel Art

8-Bit Art, or "Pixel Art" is style of graphic design that was first seen in the 1980s and early 1990s, most commonly in video games. The famous computer game "Super Mario Brothers" is widely regarded as the origin of low resolution 8-bit art. The constraints of video game technology in those days gave artists and developers few visual options. Today, this old school 8-bit art is emulated to great effect. Here are some wonderful examples!

24 Stunning Examples of Retro Futurism in Poster Design

Retro Futurism is a design style that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. It is a combination of what people think the future will be like and retro design. An exploration between retro and modern technology, which as you'd expect leads to some really interesting results. Common inspiration for the trend are movie/game covers/posters from the 1960-80's, such as sci-fi movies and shows (Robocop, Transformers) and retro games (Atari, Commodore). This showcase presents 24 stunning examples of posters that use the retro futurism style.

Looking Back At 20 Vintage Posters From The 40’s & 50’s

Vintage is a design genre that is being covered in all aspects of media in recent months, whether it is for the web or printed media you most likely have stumbled upon a piece of vintage design. Activities such as burlesque has had a huge revival and this has contributed to the surge in vintage design as it has attracted many people to the imagery of the 40's and 50's. Here is a small collection of twenty interesting and inspiring pieces of art from people such as Peter Driben, who was responsible for the pin-up style covers on magazines such as Titter, Wink and Eyeful.