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Inspirational Graffiti From Around The World

Artists from around the world express their emotions through graffiti. In every country the emotions and themes will be situational and different. Some people express happiness, others anger. It is fascinating to see how artists express their emotions through graffiti. Here is a collection of inspirational graffiti art from around the world. Remember to check out our other posts about graffiti too!

20 Matte Paintings From Feature Films

Matte painting is a way to create a film scene that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to make in real life. Artists create backgrounds using software like Photoshop, mixing digital art with photography and photo manipulation. Matte painting has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. The main goal is to create a scene which is indistinguishable from reality. Here is a collection of 20 exceptional matte paintings used in feature films.

30 Creative Body Paint Art Examples That Will Amaze

Body painting, or body art, is a temporary painted design applied to human skin. Body painting is largely a creative expression however there are applications outside of the art world such as in the military where body paint is used as camouflage. Other forms of body art include the application of coloured clay, charcoal, dyes and "henna" tattoos which are practiced mainly in India and the Middle East. Find your dream tattoo here View Gallery

Artist Showcase: Paintings by Mel Upjohn

Mel Upjohn is a talented artist from New Zealand's capital city, Wellington. Her work is known for textures - both visual and tactile. She describes her latest range of work as lighthearted and a "bit pop art" but is always atmospheric. Mel prefers to leave interpretation up to the viewer. Nick Archer from Salient Magazine comments that "she has no preconceived idea of what each work is about and just lets her emotion evolve through the images... [they are] demanding attention with repeated viewings". Enjoy!