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Examples Of Modern Architecture Inspired by Nature

Architects will often seek inspiration from nature. There are plenty of examples where complex design problems have been solved over the course of natural evolution. Architects will seek inspiration from plants, animals and other natural 'structures' for use in their work. Being inspired and influenced by nature in this way is called "biomimicry" and allows architectural designs to be more energy efficient, structurally sound and also beautiful to behold. Here is a collection of stunning architecture designs inspired by nature.

45 Remarkable Examples of Butterfly Photography

If you ever tried to catch a butterfly as a child you probably know that they're not the easiest things to capture. It's all about being in the right place at the right time, which is why this selection of butterfly photos is so great! The showcase features 45 remarkable examples of butterfly examples. Please remember that the images are linked to their original sources, so click on through and check out the photographers other work! If you like this post, you should check this out: "The Art and Science of Butterfly Photography".

Capturing Nature: The Uncomparable Work of NestR

If you're not familiar with NestR's work, then you're in for a treat. NestR has an uncanny talent for capturing moments in nature that reveal it's true beauty. Just keep a hand under your jaw as you take a look through these photos, we do not want to be responsible for any jaw dropping injuries. Now sit back and enjoy. If you like this post, and are thinking about taking your own nature photography work, check out this great book: "Nature Photography: Insider Secrets from the World's Top Digital Photography Professionals".