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That’s Tasty: The Art of Restaurant Menu Design

Besides traditional advertising, the humble restaurant menu design is the final invitation to the customer before they order their food and beverages. This is why the restaurant menu design itself needs to be good enough to eat... or at least good enough to empty your wallet. As I'm sure you've experienced, there is a huge breadth of resutaurant menu design out there. From quick-n-dirty fast food fliers to menus that are adorned with silk rope and gold leaf. This usually reflects the price range of the establishment, however great menu design does not necessarily need to imply expensive food. Drop us a comment if you have more examples!

25 Inspirational Logos You Wish You Had Thought Of Yourself

Logos as you know them are everywhere we look - but they're not always all that great. We see a bunch of boring logos every single day, and to be honest, the world could be spiced up some what if people took more time over their logos and paid attention to the smaller details. This post features 25 inspirational logos you wish you had thought of for yourself, whether for your own company or a client. What's your favourite logo? If you like this post, you have to check out this book: "Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities (Voices That Matter)".

Playing With Food: Creative Advertisements For Food and With Food

There are endless opportunities when it comes to designing an advertisement for a food product, or even just with food for a non-food product. This showcase features a small selection of advertisements that have been created using food, including advertisements for Greenpeace, Bosch, Tabasco and a gym called Orange Fitness! Just imagine how fun some of these could be to make! If you have designed any marketing material with food, or know of any that we haven't included in this list, let us know in the comments section!