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Doodling Mad: 50 Great Google Doodles From 2009

Most of us will probably have Google as our home page or have had it in the past - if you have you'll be familar with how often Google plays with their logo to reflect a current event, celebrate festivals, anniversaries and a whole lot of other stuff. In this post we have compiled a collection of fifty Google "Doodles" (as they like to call them) from last year (2009), celebrating a whole bunch of stuff including world wide events such as New Years, famous peoples birthdays, Mothers and Fathers day, and anniversaries from the Yokohama Port Opening (150 years ago) and Sesame Street.

25 Inspirational Logos You Wish You Had Thought Of Yourself

Logos as you know them are everywhere we look - but they're not always all that great. We see a bunch of boring logos every single day, and to be honest, the world could be spiced up some what if people took more time over their logos and paid attention to the smaller details. This post features 25 inspirational logos you wish you had thought of for yourself, whether for your own company or a client. What's your favourite logo? If you like this post, you have to check out this book: "Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities (Voices That Matter)".

Logorama: A Short Film Produced Using The Worlds Most Famous Logos

This short film, titled "Logorama" is produced by the French animation collective H5, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy & Ludovic Houplain, with all music by Human. The movie features a short story produced using the worlds most famous brands, from McDonalds to Haribo, Audi to MSN. It really is quite bizarre but at the same time completely fantastic! We're not going to make a thing of short posts like this, but we felt this was well worth sharing. We would have collected a few more films, but as this one 15 minutes long alone, we decided to keep it (kind of) short and sweet. What do you think of the film? Let us know!