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The Workspaces Of Ten Top Designers And Bloggers

I recently contacted 10 top designers and asked them to share their workspaces with the awesome The Inspiration Blog, to hopefully inspire this site’s great readers. All 10 designers were delighted to let us see how and where they work and give us some insight to their setups and such, I would like to thank all the designers that took part, they all without exception where fantastic to chat with!

The Colour-Coded Bookshelf: 18 Inspiring Examples

The bookshelf... It's something most of us have in our homes, if not one, two, three, or maybe even more! Sometimes bookshelves look messy; but there is however a superb way to get that bookshelf looking great - arrange it by colour! Not only does it look great and add a splash of colour to your room without much effort, but it also makes your room appear bigger than it actually is, just like magic! I'm a huge fan of this technique, and hope to someday have a bookshelf inspiring as the ones showcased in this post. What one is your favourite, and why?

Beautiful and Unique: 40 Offices, Workspaces and Studies

I know, I know, you've seen these workspaces a million times before; that's where you're wrong! This post brings you 40 beautiful, unique offices and workspaces, combining the offices of designers, artists and even fashion/sewing workrooms. We're showcasing the best of the very best, not just the most expensive. We really want to know what your favourite workspace is here, what you like about it and what you'd maybe do to improve it, so please do let us know in the comments section! Enjoy!