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Artist Showcase: Latin Inspired Illustration Art by Alberto Cerriteño

Mexican designer and illustrator Alberto Cerriteño certainly knows how to draw attention with his vibrant, humorous and festive creations. His works are comprised with lively, doll characters, usually emphasized with big smiles, round eyes, and stumpy bodies, all evoking different kinds of emotions which will make onlookers gaze and wonder with curiosity. Developing his own style and technique, he draws inspiration from his roots—a great love for his Mexican heritage which is clearly depicted in each of his illustrations.

Creative T-Shirt Designs from Inkefx – PLUS 15% Off Coupon!

Since about 2010, Jake Mize had been playing with the idea of starting a small t-shirt company. His main goal, just like most other small t-shirt brands, is to provide a high quality product at a very reasonable price and to make sure that the overall customer experience is as enjoyable as possible. Jake had originally started outsourcing the designs to a couple of illustrators to help grow the brand and bring exposure to artists that were maybe not so well known. But, being a designer himself, Jake's own designs quickly became his preferred creative outlet.

Artist Showcase: Awesome Fantasy Illustrations by Gregbo Watson

Gregbo Watson is an artist and illustrator with a passion for the whimsical and wicked! From the Upstate of South Carolina, he was raised on mountain folklore and fairytales filled with fantasy and wonder. As an artist, Gregbo combines his wicked imagination and love of visual storytelling to create quirky, interesting characters and illustrations for various media. His illustration style focuses on expressive line-work, exaggerated action and form, as well as bold color. The presented work shows Gregbo’s love of illustrating for children and the influence he draws from the fairytales of his youth. Also included is a piece done in tribute to Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, upon his passing.

Illustration Art For The Imagination

Creating thoughtful illustration art is a wonderful talent. Here are two illustration artists who have made themselves known to us and are certainly worth a look. Whether you are inspired by classic design illustration or more graphically intense illustration art these people's work is sure to impress.

Sites We Like #3: Artist’s Incredible Websites

In the latest installment of our "Sites We Like" series, we take a look at some incredible website designs that belong to designers and artists themselves. The goal is simple - to develop a website that shows the artist's best work and creates a lasting impression on the customer. Execution, however, is not so simple. Here are some excellent examples of where the artist has got it right. Get in touch if you know of other great website designs out there! Remember to give us your feedback in the comments section below!

Artist Showcase: Designer & Illustrator Wayne Dorrington

I set about learning the art of Infographics and Data Visualisation last year. Starting simply (with the complete journeys of Doctor Who - which I immediately regretted) I learned a lot and began to try as many different styles as I could. Most recently, I dabbled with use of icons to tell stories recreating the entire plots of the first two Star Wars movies entirely in icons (or "Iconoscope"). I'm now moving towards traditional illustration as well. I am not, however, thinking of shaving my ginger beard in the foreseeable future as its inherent gingeryness is the source of my creative energy.

20 Inspiring Hand-Drawn Sketches

In order to create a good design, you will usually need to start with a sketch of your idea. Whether you're designing a website, a car, or creating an outline for a painting the design process will probably begin here. The best ideas start on paper. Sharpen your pencils - here is a collection of 20 sketches on a range of design topics to inspire you.

The Marvelous Milli-Jane’s Range Of Bespoke Greetings Cards

The Marvelous Milli-Jane is an illustrator extraordinaire and she’s on a mission… To provide you with a wonderfully cute and quirky way of saying ‘Hello!’ with her super special range of greetings cards. She will even endeavour to create cards with the utmost in personalisation when it comes to your preference of design. Just let her know your ideas and she’ll do the rest! Starting at just £10 you can enlist Milli-Jane to get creative for you or you can have the exact specifications ready for her in order to bring your personal ideas to life.

Amazing T-Shirt Designs and Illustrations From Betifon

Creating a clothing brand seems like a natural progression for many graphic designers. And I am no exception to that rule. I’m always inspired and motivated by the work of others in any medium whether it be, graffiti on walls, cool tees, or amazing illustrations. This prompted me to start my own clothing brand, Betifon. My goal was to create a creative lifestyle brand that focused on image heavy colorful concepts that would get people hyped and excited. Creating inspiration through creativity is the mission.

29 Awesome Grunge Paper Social Media Icons

I came across this excellent grunge social media icon set and just had to share. Designed by "stevejking" and available from Graphic River for just $6! The grunge style is popular on the web and continues to be a refreshing departure from the glossy Web 2.0 trends of the past few years. Do you know of any amazing examples of modern grunge web design out there? Let us know in the comments section below!