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Inspirational Graffiti From Around The World

Artists from around the world express their emotions through graffiti. In every country the emotions and themes will be situational and different. Some people express happiness, others anger. It is fascinating to see how artists express their emotions through graffiti. Here is a collection of inspirational graffiti art from around the world. Remember to check out our other posts about graffiti too!

Amazing T-Shirt Designs and Illustrations From Betifon

Creating a clothing brand seems like a natural progression for many graphic designers. And I am no exception to that rule. I’m always inspired and motivated by the work of others in any medium whether it be, graffiti on walls, cool tees, or amazing illustrations. This prompted me to start my own clothing brand, Betifon. My goal was to create a creative lifestyle brand that focused on image heavy colorful concepts that would get people hyped and excited. Creating inspiration through creativity is the mission.

An Exploration of Melbourne’s Graffiti Art

Melbourne is considered to be Australia's artistic capital. This is reflected in the street art that flows through the city’s many alleyways. Regardless of whether you consider graffiti to be art or crime, there’s no denying the talent that goes in to each of these works. Do you agree? Melbourne is famous for its large outdoor murals that are photographed by millions of tourists each year. The city council found themselves in hot water last year after ‘cleaning’ some examples that were considered to be significant by the local art community.

Incredible Examples Of 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art

You may have seen one or two of these before, or at least something similar. This kind of art is known as "sidewalk chalk art", and it is what it says on the tin: chalk drawings on public pavements. The artists that do this are very, very talented artists, and produce their artwork to trick our eyes into thinking it is an actual 3D object. Some of these pieces are actually much longer than what they appear to be, and are only seen the way they are in these photos from a certain angle and distance away. Have you ever seen something like this in real life before? If so, we want to hear about it!

Incredible Examples Of Illustrative Graffiti Art

From the success of my first post it is clear that there are a lot of people out there who have a large interest in graffiti - whether you love it or hate it. If you haven't already seen the first post, you should check it out: Art or Crime? Expressionism In Graffiti Art. This post features a some incredible examples of illustrative graffiti, from typographic illustrations to abstract pieces of gorgeousness! Hold onto your seats and get ready to be "wowed"!

Art or Crime? Expressionism In Graffiti Art

Just over a decade ago graffiti was a crime and a crime only, but these days people are hired purposely to graffiti. Graffiti is everywhere. Why? Because it's a great way for people to express their feelings. Due to an explosion of talented youngsters getting into this unique blend of culture, many people want to see more of it, mainly because it is so fascinating to look at! If you like graffiti, a quick gander over this post is a must. If you like this post, you should check out the following books: "GRAFF: The Art and Technique of Graffiti" and "Street Scene: How to Draw Graffiti-Style".

Art or Crime: 15 Fascinating Pixel Art Graffiti Pieces

Graffiti gets its fair share of bad press, fair enough people tagging and spraying inappropriate anecdotics on the walls might raise a chuckle but it is not art.

True graffiti is something to revel in and some of it belongs in a gallery rather than on the street, you might not share the same view but I personally class it as art.

With the recent interest in pixel art in design of late, I thought it would be great to talk about the pixel art on the street and share a few of the most creative and inspirational.