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Too Good To Eat: Inspiring Cake Art

Who would have thought cake could be such a product to create incredible and somewhat beautiful pieces of art. In this case, edible art that just looks too good to even think about eating... This showcase features a small collection of cake art from different bakers/decorators from around the world. Do let us know what your favourite is, and if you know of any other super inspiring cake artists, please do share a link to their portfolio in the comments section at the bottom of the post!

Beautiful and Unique: 40 Offices, Workspaces and Studies

I know, I know, you've seen these workspaces a million times before; that's where you're wrong! This post brings you 40 beautiful, unique offices and workspaces, combining the offices of designers, artists and even fashion/sewing workrooms. We're showcasing the best of the very best, not just the most expensive. We really want to know what your favourite workspace is here, what you like about it and what you'd maybe do to improve it, so please do let us know in the comments section! Enjoy!