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40+ Stunning Black and White Book Cover Designs

After the fun I had putting together a similar post on minimalistic book covers, I thought I would revisit book covers, this time focusing on black and white book cover designs. The showcase consists of over forty covers made up from books from all different genres; graphic design, art and culture, novels and and other non-fiction books. B&W book cover design surprisingly stands out tremendously well, especially with so many (or most!) books being full colour these days. What is your favourite book cover here? Let us know!

Beautiful Poster and Book Illustrations by Ciara Panacchia

Ciara Panacchia is an illustrator and graphic designer from Ireland. She currently lives in Illinois (USA) working at an advertising agency called MarketSense. She is the founder of Elie's Books. A project where she illustrates books in order to teach her daughter her native language, Irish.

This Artist's Showcase features her work including the "Stuff My 3-year-old Says" series, some illustrations from the books "Numbers" and a handful of her colourful and delightful posters.