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Fancy A Pint? A Showcase Of 40 Inspiring Illustrated Beer Bottle...

If you like illustrated products and design, alcohol commercial advertisement design and packaging is a great place to look, admire and get inspired. The designs are usually crammed full of plenty goodness! This showcase features 40 lovely and inspirational illustrated beer bottle labels in all kinds of shapes and colours, making use of several different trends at the time and mixing up all kinds of typographic styles. What's your favourite label here, and why? Let us know!

Collection of Wonderful Vintage Beer Advertisements and Posters

Beer advertisements have always been pretty inspirational. From the 1900's all the way up to today, photographers, artists and designers have always experimented and found new ways to come up with some wonderful advertising campaigns. We have collected a bunch of vintage beer ads that were used throughout the twentieth century, from well-known beers and lagers to some not so well-known ones. What is your favourite ad here, and why? Like this topic? Then check out the following book: "Read Me: A Century of Classic American Book Advertisements".