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Artist Showcase: Awesome Fantasy Illustrations by Gregbo Watson

Gregbo Watson is an artist and illustrator with a passion for the whimsical and wicked! From the Upstate of South Carolina, he was raised on mountain folklore and fairytales filled with fantasy and wonder. As an artist, Gregbo combines his wicked imagination and love of visual storytelling to create quirky, interesting characters and illustrations for various media. His illustration style focuses on expressive line-work, exaggerated action and form, as well as bold color. The presented work shows Gregbo’s love of illustrating for children and the influence he draws from the fairytales of his youth. Also included is a piece done in tribute to Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, upon his passing.

Artist Showcase: Chris Brock – Portrait and Fashion Photographer

Chris Brock is a portrait and fashion photographer who uses the world around him - inside and out - as a backdrop for his shoots. Having lived and worked in New York and London, the urban and the suburban are as much a part of his pictures as the people he photographs, creating texture, depth and atmosphere that suggests a story behind the images, like a moment stolen from a movie. Conveying emotions that are at times dark, at times tongue-in-cheek, there is often an unsettling urgency about his photographs that is at once both challenging and engaging but always aesthetically fresh.

Super Funky Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter has gone through a number of design and layout iterations, where perhaps Twitter background design options have suffered. Many people simply gave up, but with the right design skills it's possible to create a rich experience for your followers. Here is a collection of awesome Twitter backgrounds from the Twitterverse. Hope they inspire you to create your own amazing Twitter background! Remember to check out The Inspiration Blog's background too (@TheInspirationB)

The Wonderful World Of 8-Bit Pixel Art

8-Bit Art, or "Pixel Art" is style of graphic design that was first seen in the 1980s and early 1990s, most commonly in video games. The famous computer game "Super Mario Brothers" is widely regarded as the origin of low resolution 8-bit art. The constraints of video game technology in those days gave artists and developers few visual options. Today, this old school 8-bit art is emulated to great effect. Here are some wonderful examples!

Fascinating Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography

Here is a fascinating collection of photos using the tilt-shift technique. It has been a popular and widely used technique over the last couple of years. Some photographers have really mastered the technique to create some stunning pieces. Tilt-shift effects can be achieved using a special tilt-shift lens or in Photoshop. Are you a photographer with a penchant for tilt-shift photography? Let us know in the comments section.

Artist Showcase: Beautiful Photographs of Jordan By Bashar Alaeddin

Bashar Alaeddin is a digital photographer and social activist. He is passionate about the visual arts and is a tech geek when it comes to cameras, optics and iPhoneography. A Middle Eastern of Jordanian, Lebanese and Palestinian origins, Bashar is very passionate about shedding light on social affairs and causes in the region through his photography. The presented work is an assortment of landscapes, from his fine-art collection, of his home country Jordan, featuring: its capital Amman; the Roman ruins of Jerash; the port city of Aqaba, sitting atop the Red Sea, and more.

Artist Showcase: Photography By Leon Ritchie

Leon Ritchie strives to harmonize water, clouds and light into his photographs. An idea may come about from seeing a reflection in a shiny table top or just seeing an object in water and how it moves round it. The vast majority of his images are spontaneous once he gets a feeling for a shot he just goes with it. A typical day out means carrying a backpack with a DSLR camera and lenses, tripod and filters letting him capture the perfect moment everywhere he goes. Here is a collection of his fantastic photographic work.

20 Inspiring Hand-Drawn Sketches

In order to create a good design, you will usually need to start with a sketch of your idea. Whether you're designing a website, a car, or creating an outline for a painting the design process will probably begin here. The best ideas start on paper. Sharpen your pencils - here is a collection of 20 sketches on a range of design topics to inspire you.

Inspirational Graffiti From Around The World

Artists from around the world express their emotions through graffiti. In every country the emotions and themes will be situational and different. Some people express happiness, others anger. It is fascinating to see how artists express their emotions through graffiti. Here is a collection of inspirational graffiti art from around the world. Remember to check out our other posts about graffiti too!

20 Matte Paintings From Feature Films

Matte painting is a way to create a film scene that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to make in real life. Artists create backgrounds using software like Photoshop, mixing digital art with photography and photo manipulation. Matte painting has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. The main goal is to create a scene which is indistinguishable from reality. Here is a collection of 20 exceptional matte paintings used in feature films.