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Beautiful Examples of Arabic Calligraphy Art

Arabic calligraphy is different to modern Arabic typography. These calligraphies are mostly ancient shapes developed in different eras, some in the Islamic medieval period and others during the 16th to early 17th century. Arabic calligraphy is considered one of the most beautiful forms of art. As a handwritten alphabet it can be shaped and styled with cursive lines. In our current time, these calligraphies are still widely used. They preserve the basic Arabic design qualities but are advanced in terms of their modern usage and application.

Arabic Typography: 24 Beautiful and Modern Examples

Arabic Typography may not be the word on everyones mouths in the design world, but it sure is making its way there. People might think of it as complicated Islamic verses, but it isn't. Arabic typography can in fact be very simple and elegant, as proved in this post.

Here is a collection of Arabic typography by various typographers. Let us know what you think of Arabic typography and what one is your favourite in the comments section!

If you took an interest in these works, check out the following book about Arabic typography: "Arabic for Designers".