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50 Photos, 50 Days, 50mm Lens: Project 50 by Rick Nunn

Rick Nunn is a 27 year old Graphic Designer/Web Designer/User Interface Designer/Geek based in the United Kingdom. He is also very passionate about Photography, and takes some absolutely incredible photos. Rick not long ago completed his first ever Project 50, meaning he took one photo per day for 50 days, using a 50mm lens - pretty good dedication, eh? He is currently on his second Project 50, which we will showcase here upon completion! If you like Rick's work, check out his links at the bottom of this post!

31 Photos That’ll Leave You Wanting to Shoot With a 50mm...

50mm lenses are the gem in most photographers tool kits. They provide great depth of field by allowing the aperture to open up really wide (most common apertures are 1.8 or 1.4) and pin sharp images that will leave your eyes sore staring at the details. You can pick up a 50mm prime lens at pretty low price and it's a great step in the right direction to give your photos that professional edge. I've rounded up 31 brilliant examples of photos taken with a 50mm lens for your eye candy, enjoy!