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Too Good To Eat: Inspiring Cake Art

Inspiring Collection of Decorated Cake Art

Debbie Does Cakes

I discovered Debbie Gould’s cake art through friend and fellow cake creator, Dave Ashby (see below), who showed me Debbie’s Hello Kitty cake on Flickr – I’m a huuuuuge Hello Kitty fan, and vowed then and there that I would have to have one of these one day…

Debbie is a cake decorator from San Francisco who uses influences from pop culture, fashion and art to create her edible artwork. With over two years experience, her work is sure to leave people with mouths wide open (both in awe and to fill with cake, I guess).

Cake Wrecks

These particular cakes were featured on Cake Wrecks: a blog that works in a similar way to the Fail blog, only it shows absolutely awful cake designs or messed up slogans that have been iced on the cakes themselves.

However, every sunday, they run under a different theme called “Sunday Sweets” – these showcase amazing baking and decorating skills and show off some quite beautiful pieces of work/cake.


Cakeology is a mother and daughter team of bakers who create both tiered and shaped cakes, as well as unusual cupcakes.

Dave Ashby – Liquid Lizard Cakes


My friend, Dave Ashby, is a budding cake decorator and I have to say, he’s actually really good! In fact, I think he’d give a lot of professionals a run for his money, and he’s only been doing this for about a year.

Take a look at some of his designs, a lot of which he has created for friends, family and colleagues based on their favourite things.

Dave’s a designer by trade and he has his fingers in many pies (haha pies…geddit?) when it comes to being creative – recently, he started an illustration collective/competition called Versus, which promotes illustrators through packs of cards displaying pieces of their work.

Charm City Cakes

Finally, the piece de resistance: Charm City Cakes.

Well, I could hardly do an article about cake art and not include them, could I? I love these guys. Their work is amazing (sometimes I am flabberghasted by what they can make out of cake) and their show is one of my favourites.

I was very shocked and saddened to hear that the show is ending this year (well, we’re a couple series behind in the UK), but I wish Duff and the team all the best for the future. You guys are awesome!

I couldn’t end this post without showing you this (as if you haven’t seen it already):

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds?!