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Time-Lapse Videos: Five Beautiful Examples

Beautiful Examples Of Time-Lapse Videos

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull – May 1st and 2nd

In the right place at the right time and beautifully shot by Sean Stiegemeier.

Dulux Walls Ad – Director’s Cut

This ad for Dulux was a real undertaking. These were real people who’s sweat and hard work repainted everything you see.

Zoetrope Visions Timelapse

Several different locations and styles make this reel entertaining to watch. Cinematographer Brandon Alperin.

The Sandpit

This one is a little less traditional in that it uses a fake “tilt shift” lens filter to create the feeling of miniatures. Note, you can achieve this effect using filters in post, or get ahold of a tilt-shift lens to create this look in camera.

Orange RockCorps

This commercial (by director Dougal Wilson) is not quite a timelapse as much as it is a people lapse. Is that a term?