Home Showcases Legorific: LEGO Creations That Will Make You Brick Yourself

Legorific: LEGO Creations That Will Make You Brick Yourself

Legorific: LEGO Creations That Will Make You Brick Yourself


Poster style piece by Alex Eylar.

Nighthawks in Space

LEGO imitating art this time with Alex Eylar again.


Another by Alex Eylar, but had to be mentioned due to Inception recently being released.


Fantastic ongoing project by Angus MacLane called CubeDudes, the collection of characters and celebs is amazing.

MacLanes Workshop

More from MacLane, this time him working on a Buzz Lightyear Dude! I strongly suggest checking out his Flickr stream and check out his limited edition Star Wars Pack from this years Comic Con.

I Find Your Lack of Face… Disturbing

Can’t have LEGO without Star Wars mentioned nowadays. Fun diorama by Chris McVeigh.


Very witty one by Chris McVeigh.

Plastic Bag

This is in a much different style to a typical ‘builders’ work.

Check, please!

This cute series of pictures are by Christoph Niemann.

James Mays LEGO Home

It had to be mentioned, amazing piece of engineering and a great episode. I highly recommend you watch it.


Brilliant idea from Jan Vormann. Dispatchwork is an on going project to use LEGO to fill in the gaps in walls and structures that have suffered from ware and tare. The project has now gone worldwide and there’s a site that tracks all their ‘Dispatchwork’, Dispatchwork Site.

I Don’t Hate You

Are you still there?


No need to sharpen, just break a piece off!

Johnny 5

Johnny 5 is alive… in LEGO.


Worthy of any comic book figurine collection.

Skull earrings

By default any girl wearing these has got my attention. Note that these and the Hulk piece use mainly normal LEGO bricks and don’t use mini-figure pieces, which is typical of any MiniLand figure from LEGOLand. Both the earrings and the Hulk figure were created by ex-LEGO Master Model Designer Mariann Asanuma. She now works freelance as a LEGO Artist.

Little Green Man

We come in pieces.

Circle Triangle Square

Another piece of work by a professional, this time its Nathan Sawaya who specializes in large 3D forms and to scale replicas of celebrities.


Sean Kennedy is also a Pro builder but he mainly works on mosaic artwork.


Amazing Google logo that wasn’t made from normal bricks but from all those odd pieces you get in LEGO.

Some bald guy

Just some lazy bald guy that was at LEGOLand in Japan.


They will last forever and won’t need water.

Now this is just a small slither of a slice of the work thats out there in LEGO form at the minute. I just hope this has inspired you to seek out more or create something yourself. There are a handful of excellent LEGO books, such as this one: “The LEGO Book“.