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Doodling Mad: 50 Great Google Doodles From 2009


Sabiha Gökçen’s Birthday – (Turkey)

First Day of Spring – Design by Eric Carle

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Doodle designed by Doodle 4 Google Ireland winner Evan O’Sullivan Glynn

Giovanni Schiaparelli’s Birthday – (Global)

Carnival – (Brazil)

Happy Valentine’s Day – (US)

Charles Darwin’s Birthday – (Global)

Lantern Festival – (China)

Chinese New Year

Doodle 4 Google China: Doodle by 张博 – (China)

Elfstedentocht – (Netherlands)

Happy New Year – (Global)

Seven Sleepers Day – (Germany)

Father’s Day – (Selected Countries)

Opening of the Acropolis Museum – (Greece)

25th Anniversary of Tetris – (Selected Countries)

150th anniversary of Yokohama Port Opening – (Japan)

Dragon Boat Festival – (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

150th Anniversary of Big Ben – (UK)

UEFA Champions League Finale – (Selected Countries)

Mary Cassatt’s Birthday – (Global)

Mother’s Day – (Selected Countries)

Alexander Popov’s Invention of the Radio – (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)

250th Anniversary of Kew Gardens – (UK)

Samuel Morse’s Birthday – (Global)

St. George’s Day – (UK)

Earth Day – (Global)

H.G. Wells’ Birthday – (Selected Countries)

Belize’s Independence Day – (Belize)

Crop Circles – (Selected Countries)

Michael Jackson’s Birthday – (Selected Countries)

Battle of Flowers in Laredo – (Spain)

Hans Christian Ørsted – (Global)

Ilya Repin’s Birthday – (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)

Comic-Con® 2009 – Design and pencil Jim Lee, ink by Scott Williams, and color by Alex Sinclair, © DC Comics – (US)

40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing – (Selected Countries)

Birthday of Nikola Tesla – (Global)

Anniversary of the publication of Pinocchio – (Italy)

US Independence Day – (US)

Happy Holidays from Google 2009 (Part 5) – (Global)

Discovery of the Aztec Sun Stone – (Mexico)

Doodle4Google: My Hero by Sophie Redford – (UK)

E.C. Segar’s Birthday – Popeye – (Global)

50th Anniversary of Sandmännchen – (Germany)

Sesame Street: Ensemble – (Selected Countries)

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster – (Selected Countries)

20th Anniversary of the Wallace and Gromit Characters – (Selected Global)

Invention of the Bar Code – (Global)

Brazil Wins 2016 Olympics – (Brazil)

Are there any logos here that particularly stand out to you, and are there any that we didn’t include on the list that you think we should have? One particular cool Google “Doodle” from this year was the playable Google Pacman logo, which Google have purposely kept live on it’s very own Pacman page. Hit the “Insert Coin” button and get playing!