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Yellow Belly Cute: Pikachu Pixel Art


There have been many artistic incarnations of Pokemon’s yellow, cuddly, cat-like character, Pikachu, from the people dyeing their cat’s fur yellow and photographing it, to less extreme creations in the form of nail art. Pikachu is among the nominees for the “Most Popular Cute Character” award, battling it out with Hello Kitty among others.

Here we have Pikachu in pixel art form, with occasional appearances by his buddies Ash Ketchum and Jigglypuff, with materials from the art store and beyond.

Wood Pixels

Pixel Acrylic Painting

Pikachu Rug

Scrambled Pikachu

Digital Pikachu

Sweet Pikachu

Minimalist 8-Bit

Stained Wood Pixels

Beaded Car Key Finder

Digital Pixel Blocks

Ash and Pikachu

Stitch Pattern

Three Dimensional Pixels