Top 10 Pitch Deck Powerpoint Templates

Top 10 Pitch Deck Powerpoint Templates


Choosing the perfect Pitch Deck PowerPoint template for your startup may just mean the difference of landing funding for your project or not. Even though you have a great idea for your new business, you still need to sell the idea to investors. That is why you need to find a great Microsoft Powerpoint template to pitch your startup ideas. A professional template for PowerPoint will you help present all your research, facts, figures in a way that will impress potential investors.

However, searching through the 100s of templates is time-consuming and you may not find your perfect presentation template. That is why we’ve put together this top 10 list. Here is a selection of presentation templates that include PPX and PPTX files, as well as fully customisable graphics, impressive business slides, and everything else you need to get your message across.

Read on to find the best PP template for you. On each of the template descriptions, you can click on the pictures to see examples slides.

Investor Pro Pitch Deck Template with PPT and PPTX Files

The first on our list of the top 10 pitch deck PP templates is from LouisTwelve-Design. This is one of the most popular startup templates currently on sale. This easy to edit PowerPoint presentation includes over 67,000 slides and comes with 28 pre-made color options. Investor Pro presentation template gives you the chance to pitch your startup idea to potential investors. Present your information using the fully-editable slides with flow charts, infographics, stage diagrams, and pixel-perfect illustrations. All of these slides come in PPT and PPTX files. The author has also included over 3,500 vector icons.

Marketing Slide PP Pitch Deck Template

If you need to present your information in a stunning and modern way, then Nr. 2 on our top 10 list is just for you. The MS PowerPoint presentation template for marketing will make creating captivating presentations easy. The template contains all the PPT and PPTX files that you need. All of them are customisable and editing is so easy that no skills are required. It comes in 16:9 and 4:3 formats for showing on any kind of screen. You can also make your presentations more interesting by using the animated PPT files. Of course, you also get data charts (editable in Excel), flow charts, maps, process diagrams, and much more! You can also make your presentations unique with the light and dark versions in 16 pre-made colour schemes.

Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation – Concept Business

Win over your potential investors by using the ‘Concept Business’ PP Template to present your startup pitch. This pitch deck MS PowerPoint template will wow your audience with its bold graphics and stunning visuals. The Concept Business template stands out from the crowd because you get 2 bundles in one. Together, this represents over 220 unique slides which can be presented in over 80 different color themes. You can easily create amazing presentations with the drag and drop feature on the master slides. If you are looking for a top pitch deck PP template to deliver a clean, simple, and creative presentation, then this is a perfect choice for you.

Business View – PowerPoint Presentation Bundle PPTX

Stand out from the crowd with your pitch deck presentation by using the Business View PP Bundle. This Startup PowerPoint template gives you the opportunity to present your new business idea in a simple yet flexible way. There are so many amazing slides here that you are almost spoiled for choice. Choose from the over 450 unique slides that you can present in 10 pre-made colors. The presentation template for startups includes PPTX files, animations, over 3,000 vector icons, 3D graphics, smart art, social media, and various infographics. Design and edit your startup presentation with ease and simplicity.

Unicorn Startup Pitch Deck PP Template

Fifth on the top 10 list of pitch deck PP templates, is the Unicorn PowerPoint presentation template. If simplicity is key to your presentation, then this bundle contains a great choice of MS PP slides to use. All the files are in 16:9 full HD resolution to create a stunning impression. As you know, to secure your funding, making a great first impression is essential to impress potential investors. Choose from the 32 unique slides that come in 4 gradient colours to make the perfect startup pitch.

PPTX PowerPoint Presentation by MARKETOFY

Get your startup presentation off to the best start with the PPTX PowerPoint template by Marketofy. The presentation slides are in 16:9 and 4:3 formats in full HD. This is described as the “ultimate PowerPoint presentation” and when you look at the content, you will probably agree. All the PPTX and PPT files are fully editable and it is easy to make your presentation look unique. There are many infographics styles to choose from, world maps, charts, and custom animations. What’s more, you have the option to print everything in A4 format to give your potential investors a takeaway.

Metro V2 – MS PowerPoint Template Presentation

The 7th PP template on the top 10 list of the best pitch deck presentation is the Metro V2. The Metro V2 helps you present complex ideas with simplicity for the greatest effect. When potential investors can see with clarity the potential of your startup, they will seriously consider investing. The MS template contains many PPTX and PPT files in various color verions. You can easily edit the master files to create a presentation to remember. What elst do you get in the template? You get world maps, infographics, animations, various styles of charts, SWOT analysis, and mind maps visuals. You don’t need extra software to edit the slides because they can all be edited directly in Microsoft PowerPoint.

FOX – Minimal PowerPoint Presentation Template

Nr. 8 on our list of the most popular pitch deck presentation templates for startups is FOX. Very often, less is more and delivering your presentation in a minimalist way can often make the greatest impact. The master slides allow your to highlight the benefits of your startup and help persuade potential investors. However, a minimalist template doesn’t mean simple. You get PPT animations, over 400 unique slides, and thousands of vectors icons for your presentation. You can liven up your presentation with the amazing charts, infographics, maps, and animated transitions. Each slide is included in the template for a purpose.

Multipurpose Professional Startup Pitch Deck Template – Elva

The Multipurpose startup pitch deck presentation template is perfect for any kind of startup presenation. After you have bought this MS PowerPoint template you will never need to look around for another one. The author provides 50 new slides a month. All of the slides are clean and simple for maximum impact in your presentation. You can fully customise each slide with your own brand and the drag and drop feature makes everything very easy. There are over 50 infographics to choose from as well as free fonts and images. The author has also included 4 presentation themes for e-commerce, online marketing, fashion, and real estate. Stun your investors with the elegant slides in this startup presentation.

New Age Creative PowerPoint for Startups

Number 10 on our list of the greatest MS PowerPoint templates for startup presentations is from New Age. This presentation template contains some of the most unique slides for a memorable presentation. With just a few clicks, you can have ready a stunning presentation to pitch your startup. The template includes nearly 200 unique slides that can be presented in full HD resolution. You can effortlessly add eye-catching charts, graphs, diagrams, and infographics. SWOT analysis is also included. All of the vector graphics are fully editable and the author will even design a special color for your unique branding.