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2019 Best Minimal PowerPoint Templates

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Minimal Powepoint templates are fantastic tools to deliver stunning presentations to your audience. PowerPoint templates that feature a minimalistic design really help to get your message and ideas across to your audience with the least amount of distractions. But, choosing the best minimal PowerPoint template can be a challenge.

Sometimes less is more, and that is the beauty of using minimal templates. These templates are effective communication methods that can be used in all types of presentations. So if you are looking to present new business ideas, educate staff, deliver company reports, demonstrate new products, or need to deliver a personal presentation, you will find the best minimal PP templates here.

Here is our top 10 list of the very best templates currently on the market. Click on the pictures below to see example slides from each template.

Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template

First on the list of top 10 minimal PowerPoint templates is Verzus. Although the Verzus PowerPoint template is classed as a minimal presentation template, it is packed with enough features to deliver a stunning presentation. With a few simple clicks, you can easily edit and design your slides to create a stunning presentation. It comes with PPT and PPTX files. You can pick from over 200 unique slides and illustrate them with icons, vector graphics, maps, charts, diagrams, and infographics. Make the ultimate impact with this minimal PP template.

Minimal PP Template – Soinic

The Sonic template is our second choice because of its minimal design and elegant presentation elements which are perfect for getting your message over in a simple, yet effective way. Your ideas are made to stand out in the high-contrast slides in stunning full HD. Choose from over 500 icons that are easy to edit in PowerPoint. Editing is also made easier with the drag & drop features. Comes complete with infographics, bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and company profile slides. Wow audiences with slick animations and minimalistic visuals. Display your slides on 4:3 and 16:9 screens.

Eureka – Minimal PP Presentation Template

The third choice among the very best PP templates is Eureka. You can make a stunning impact in your presentations by using the Eureka Minimal Template. This template stands out among other MS PowerPoint template because of its clean, simple, and formal look. Users of this template consistently give it a 5-star rating. Within the template are 200 slides that look great in full HD on a 4:3 or 16:9 display and they are all A4 print ready. Enjoy delivering presentations with animated graphics and editable charts and icons. To impress your audience, you can change colors with just one click. The template author says that each slide is proven useful in real-world presentations.

READ – PowerPoint Template Minimal Design

READ PowerPoint template is number 4 on our list of the very best minimal templates currently on the market. It uses a dark background with stunning colorful slides for a minimalistic approach. Use this minimal template by READ to dazzle and impress your audience. All the slides are fully editable as well as the icons, maps, and infographic shapes. Check out the screenshots below for more information.

Minimal PowerPoint Template – Cosmo

When you need to impress, then number 5 on our list will let you do just that. Cosmo minimal MS template for PowerPoint lets you highlight visuals and important information with simplicity and clarity. Using the latest designs for responsive websites, the Cosmo template contains many unique slides that are easy to edit. Perfect for PowerPoint personal presentations and business presentations. Make use of the mockup slides, various kinds of charts, portfolio slides, and timelines. The template comes complete with PPT and PPTX MS Powerpoint files.

Edge – Minimal PP Presentation

The sixth entry on the Top 10 Very Best Minimal PowerPoint Templates is Edge. Perfect for business presentations, this minimal template incorporates simple, yet effective elements. You also get unique visuals to use in your presentations with are all easy to edit. You can also choose from the more than 850 vector icons as well vector maps, charts, graphs, and tables. The template contains almost 200 unique slides, each specially designed to impress your audience.

Prism Minimal Template Builder for PowerPoint

Number 7 on our list of the best minimal templates is the Prism Minimal Template Builder. This is one of the most stunning and easy to use templates on this list. Use the drag & drop feature to customize each slide to add your own personal touch. The template is packed with loads of elements like maps, infographics, charts, and vector icons. Perfect for any kind of presentation where a minimal approach is needed. You get over 200 unique slides to choose from and you can have your presentation ready in a matter of minutes.

Triangle Minimal PowerPoint Template

As you would guess, triangles feature heavily in our 8th choice – Triangle Minimal PowerPoint Template. Each slide has been well thought out and perfectly designed to create maximum impact. All the visual elements are vector graphics and are fully editable. You can add these visuals to any of the 134 unique slides that are included. This “minimal approach” template is a great template for business presentation, educational, or personal presentations. The slides look stunning in full HD on a 16:9 format display.

XOXO – Minimal Template for PowerPoint

The XOXO minimal template is so simple, yet so effective with its modern twist on the design elements. With the template, you get 100 unique slides that come in 20 color variations and each with a light and dark theme. You can edit all the slides directly in PowerPoint to create a presentation with the “wow” factor. The one-click, drag & drop design makes it very easy to create amazing slides for your PP presentation. The template comes complete with charts, maps, 1000 icons and shapes, flowcharts, infographics, diagrams, and animations.

Minimal MS Powerpoint Template – Vanilla

Last, but not least, on the top 10 minimal powerpoint templates is Vanilla. With is picture box design, it is everything you expect and want from a minimalist template. Get your message across in a simple, yet highly-effective matter with the Vanilla template. The template includes PPT and PPTX files. You also get to choose from 80+ unique slides and 700+ editable icons. The Vanilla minimal PowerPoint template will help you ensure that you present your ideas with clarity and simplicity.

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