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20 Amazing Modern Powerpoint Presentation Templates

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There are literally hundreds of different types of PowerPoint presentation templates with a modern design. We have picked out for you 20 of the very best modern PP presentation template packs currently available on the market.

Here are the top 20 modern PowerPoint presentation templates handpicked especially for you. Click on the pictures below to see examples of the modern slides that are available in each template.

MODA – Modern PowerPoint Template

First on the list is this stunning collection of modern slides by MODA. The template pack incudes slides that are easy to customize and edit. The overall design of each slide will help you deliver persuasive presentations and communicate with clarity to your audience. This template gets 5-star reviews from users who have bought this template pack.

PowerPoint Template – Modern

Simply called Modern, this template for presentations contains minimalist slides to present your material with clarity. There is nothing in this modern presentation template that detracts from your message. The PP pack includes 91 unique slides in 16:9 format. You can capture your audience’s attention with cool animations, maps, charts, and free fonts. All slides are in both PPT and PPTX format. When you use this template pack, you will truly see that it lives up to its name – Modern PowerPoint presentation.

Phantom Modern Corporate PowwerPoint Template

Third on the list of the very best modern PP templates is the Phantom Modern PowerPoint Template. You will love the fact that all slide elements are fully editable and feature drag & drop editing. This professional template contains 100 unique slides with 4 PPT and 4 PPTX for Microsoft PowerPoint. If you need to offer A4 printouts after your presentation, then the Phantom template is a perfect choice. Presentation formats include 4:3, 16:9, US Letter and A4. Pre-designed slides are included for showcasing your team, charts, maps, portfolios, services, and company profile. If that wasn’t enough, you also get over 2500 vector icons.

INVO – Modern PP Template

Deliver your presenation in stunning ful HD with a modern PowerPoint template called INVO. This fancy PP template pack allows you to impress your audience with simplicity and clarity. With more than 100 unique slides in the template, you are spoilt for choice, especially considering that there are also 6 color schemes.

Topica – Modern PowerPoint Template

Number 5 on the list with a modern design is the Topica template. The unique design of the slides allows you to get creative with your ideas and stand out from the crowd. The contemporary and stylish slides are perfect for educational, training, business, and personal presentations. Full HD slides can be customized with the 20+ theme color options so you can showcase your company and personal profile.

Modern PowerPoint Template

The sixth entry is a modern and stylish looking presentation template by 5yue. This PP template incorporates all the modern element designs that you need from a contemporary template. The slide layouts and unique design elements will capture and hold your audience’s attention. All the slides are in Full HD and you can choose from over 80 individual designs. So, get creative with this modern PP template.

Modern Template for PowerPoint by Pitch

Pitch Modern Template is number 7 on our list and it certainly deserves its place among the top 20 PP templates. There are almost limitless ways that this PowerPoint template can enhance your presentations. The 6 color schemes and over 118 unique contemporary slides give you over 800 slides to choose from. The smooth animations, elegant slide designs and 500+ editable icons, infographics, maps, and charts will enhance your presentation in full HD. There is no better template to get your ideas across and present your message with clarity.

Quazar PowerPoint Template for Modern Presentations

Number 8 on the list of Modern PowerPoint Templates is an elegant contemporary and up-to-date PP template pack. Each slide has the possibility to present enough information to get your message across without losing simplicity. The Quazar Power Point template is perfect to present company reports, get across new ideas, train staff, or educate your audience. Choose from over 480 PowerPoint slides and edit with ease the charts, infographics, illustrations, and icons. This MS powerpoint modern template also includes 6 PPTX files with 6 color schemes.

Connect – MS PowerPoint Modern Presentation Template

If you love colorful presenations, then number 9 will be the perfect template for you. Each slide in the Connect MS PowerPoint template contains a splash of vibrant color to help get your message across in a powerful way. Present your presentation in both 4:3 and 16:9 formats in full HD and choose from one of the 6 pre-made themes. Edit with ease using the drag & drop feature to fully customize your presenation slides. This template exceeds all expections and you can deliver a presenation to remember.

SOCRAN – Modern & Clean PP Presentation

We are now halfway through our list of the Top 20 Modern MS PowerPoint Templates. SOCRAN is a modern and clean presentation that will let you get your ideas heard. The rich visual content of each slide will help to persuade your audience and get your message across. The 100+ slides are fully editable and look amazing in full HD. You can effortlessly add pie charts, line charts, bar charts, maps, infographics, and icons for a memorable powerpoint presenation.

Neuron 3 – Modern and Elegant

Number 11 on our top 20 list is the Neuron 3 modern MS PP template for stylish presentations. The key to the success of this template is simplicity with rich visuals on every slide. The 200+ bold and contemporary slides are all editable in PowerPoint and include every type of element you need for an outstanding presentation. Get your message across with charts, maps, pixel-perfect illustrations, and diagrams. Check out the examples below to see for yourself why Neuron 3 modern template is an amazing option .

Comunica – Modern PP Template

The beauty of Comunica MS template for PowerPoint is that it incorporates stylish contemporary color schemes with amazing graphics. You can fully customize the 40 slides to add your own unique touch to your presentation. You will never be stuck with ideas on how to present your message with the full HD PPTX and PPT files.

StartUp Modern Template for Powerpoint

Beautiful graphics and a contemporary design, make number 12 on our list a great choice if you are looking for a modern template. The StartUp modern template for PowerPoint presentations comes complete with everything you need to present your message in a stylish way. Stun your audience with the 3D graphics, animations, vector elements and icons, and editable text and photos. Choose from the 183 unique slides in 8 different color schemes. The theme author also offers to create a special customized color scheme for your company’s identity.

Arba – MS Template for Modern PowerPoint Presentations

One look at the the Arba MS PowerPoint presentation and you will see why it is included on our list of top modern PP templates. The clean and simple slides are all you need to impress your corporate clients. The template includes over 55 unique slides and comes in 3 color schemes. There are so many icons, graphics, and other editable items to choose from that your presentations will always look fresh. Create infographics and edit your slides in PowerPoint.

Modus – Modern PowerPoint Presentation

Number 14 on our list the Modus PP template which is just perfect for simple presentations. Although there only 12 unique slides included, this is a popular PowerPoint template which always ranks well among users. Your audience will love the animated effects and unique layout of the template. The template includes PPTX, PPT, and PSD layered files. You can also play videos direct from YouTube.

Thoreau – Modern Template

Simplicity is the cornerstone to the Thoreau modern template for Powerpoint presentations. The bold text really stands out in the amazing visuals that are included. The template author describes the color scheme as warm and muted, and that is true. All the PPT and PPTX files are editable directly in PowerPoint and you can add icons and graphics that are included.

Modern PowerPoint Modern Template by Lee Author

Number 16 on the top 20 list is a modern template worthy of your consideration. The colored graphics really stand out and will enhance any presentation. Each of the 180 unique slides is fully customizable and can be easily edited. It also comes in 4:3 and 16:9 formats to suit any type of presentation. The template contains many elements that you can use to highlight your important ideas and messages, including 550 vector icons. Perfect for presenting business plans, company reports, financial statements and much more.

Nuevo Modern Template PP

A minimalistic design with subtle colors is at the heart of this template. The Nuevo Modern PowerPoint Template clearly and simply allows you to present your ideas with clarity. Dark and white colors feature heavily throughout the template and will add an element of sophistication to your presentation. Every slide element is easily editable so that you can customize them to your company’s ideals. Contains world map with all countries.

Clean & Modern PowerPoint Template by Rijik

Number 18 on the ultimate list of the best modern powerpoint presentation templates is by Rijik. This stylish and modern template gives you the freedom to design great-looking slides just how you want them to look. Slides are based on a master slide which helps keep all the modern slides uniform throughout. All maps, charts, shapes, and icons are fully editable. The files are PPTX and designed for 16:9 screen size.

Gravity – Contemporary PowerPoint Template

The minimalist design of the Gravity Modern PowerPoint Template is what makes this a great template for all kinds of presentations. There is just so much to customize in this template that each of your presentations will be unique. You can edit the 83 unique slides right in PowerPoint and choose between 8 different color schemes – each with a light and dark variation. The modern colors and flat style are the reason that this is number 19.

Modern Business PowerPoint Template 2

Last but not least on our top 20 list of the best PowerPoint business templates is the Modern Template 2. This contains an awesome amount of slides – in fact over 1000! You also get fully customizable icons, charts, graphics, maps, tables, timelines, and infographics. There are 40 color schemes and over 200 unique layouts for the slides. The author also provides free support, updates and training material. Could this be one of the best PowerPoint templates of all time?