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10+ Best Powerpoint Templates Of All Time


At the heart of any motivating and inspiring presentation is having a set of stunning professionally designed slides to work with. As any presenter knows, it’s important to provide your audience high-quality content to educate them, inform on key facts, and demonstrate new products.

Multipurpose PowerPoint Business Template from Motagua

First on the list of the is the Montagua PowerPoint Presentation Template. It combines creative slide layouts, photo galleries, subtle effects, and stunning infographics. Over 600 unique slides in 60 color schemes to choose from. Enhance your presentation with animations, charts, icons, and vector. Creating a stunning visual couldn’t be easier with the drag and drop features included in the presentation pack. Choose from PPTX and PPT powerpoint files.

Six Reasons Business Template For PowerPoint

This business template is called Six Reasons, however, when you see what’s on offer, there are more than six reasons to choose this amazing PP template. You can easily create professional presentations with this recently updated PP template pack. Choose from 45 visually stunning master slides in 6 different colorful themes. Although this doesn’t seem a lot, the simplicity is the key. With fewer distractions, you can focus on delivering a powerful presentation. You can also choose between 4:3, 16:9 in Retina and Full HD graphics.

Multipurpose Modern Presentation Template for PowerPoint by Ever

Number 3 on the list of the very best PowerPoint presentations to captivate your audience is a multipurpose template from Ever. There are so many ways that this presentation template will enhance your delivery. For example, there are flowcharts, mindmaps, tree diagrams, puzzle diagrams, and many different types of slides. Pick from more than 200 unique slides in 10 different theme colors and edit them easily to create stunning presentations. You can display your PowerPoint slides on 4:3 and 16:9 displays. With this template, you will no longer be short on ideas about how to deliver your presentation.

HappyBiz PowerPoint Multipurpose Business Template

This recently updated multipurpose template for a PowerPoint business presentation from HappyBiz is number 4 on the list of the greatest PP presentation templates available. You can effortlessly create amazing presentions at the click of a button, choosing from 160+ unique slides and the 30 premade colors in light and dark modes. The drag and drop feature means that you can design slides and have them looking exactly as you want them to look. Your visuals are enhanced by the 3D infographics and slick animations which will add excitement to your presentation. With 1000s of sales, it’s not hard to see why this template ranks among the top PowerPoint template packs on the market today.

Business Plan Powerpoint Template – Set to Impress!

Number 5 on the list of Business Powerpoint Presentations that include PPT and PTX files is a simple, yet elegant Business Plan template. Sometimes, to get your message across, all you need are clean and straightforward graphics. This template contains all the vital elements necessary for a business Powerpoint presentation. So, if you want to present company reports, propose funding requests, market new products, or train staff – this has all you need. Choose from over 50 slides and 3 color options that are set out on a white background. You also get PPT and PPTX versions. This business template will allow you and your audience to focus on your message.

Simplicity. An Easy to Edit Powerpoint Template

When less is more, simplicity is the key. If you need to present your message in a simple, yet powerful manner, then the Powerpoint presentation template called Simplicity is what you are looking for. This template consistently receives 5 stars from users. All slides are set out in a minimalistic manner. However, they still have enough graphics and icons to make your presentation interesting. You can choose from full-screen picture slides, timelines, large bulleted lists, and portfolio slides. In fact, there is no message that you can’t put across simply and easily. Have a look at the example slides to see for yourself to see why the simple option may be the best option.

Awesome Slides – Powerpoint Template for Business Presentations

If you need powerpoint slides to reinforce your message, then you should think about the Awesome Slides template. The beauty of this presentation template is that all graphics are fully editable without having to use Photoshop. Choose between over 100 custom unique slides in 10 different color schemes to deliver your message. Along with awesome slides, you also can use from over 30 icons and 70 patterns to create a unique and branded corporate presentation. The template also lets you provide A4 and US letter printouts, as well as showing on 4:3 or 16:9 full HD displays.

Business Powerpoint Template – Swiss Style

We have now come to number 8 on the list of the best business powerpoint templates to deliver a professiional presentation to your audience – it is a PowerPoint template from Swiss Style. This template is not just for business users but has been designed to be great for personal and corporate presentations. The vibrant colors on the slides help you reinforce your message and mean that you have less work to do to convince your audience. The template includes layered PSD files which are easy to edit and update. You can also make use of the subtle animations to add a measure of interest to your presentation. The PPTX and PPT files have been designed to allow placement of images and screengrabs exactly where you want them. Take your presentations to a new level with the Swiss Style powerpoint template.

Premium International Template System

If you want to give your powerpoint presentation the edge over others, then think about choosing the Premium International Template System. That is why it is included in our lst of the most captivating PowerPoint Templates available today. The full-color slides that come in 14 different color schemes allow you to easily create stunning presentations. Take advantage of the many icons, infographics, layouts, and vector objects to make sure that your presentation is one to remember. The template also includes maps, charts, and animations to create informative and lively Powerpoint presentation slides. With over 1900 slides, you will not be short of ideas on how to present your message.

Mercurio Presentation Template for PowerPoint

Number 10 on our list is a well-designed and stunning powerpoint template. When you need visuals to capture your audience’s attention that are presented in a clean and simple manner, the Powerpoint presentation template from Mercurio provides everything that you need. While most templates design their slides based on a master slide, this template offers 90+ handcrafted unique slides. This gives you an amazing amount of flexibility for preparing your delivery. You can also choose from among the many eye-catching infographics, maps, tables, data charts, flow charts, and timelines. These all can be enhanced with the built-in animations to give your presentation and air of sophistication. Includes PPTX and PPT files with free fonts and icons.

Multi Trends Template

If you’re looking for a clean, professional business templete then choose the Multi Trends powerpoint template with its 34 beautiful slides that are professionally styled and exceptionally clear. You can also pick from many custom animated slides, and over 2000 icon fonts that give you the freedom to vary the color and size of everything as simply as text characters. This professional presentation template will help you get your message over in a clear and concise manner. The vibrant colors included in the template will keep your audience interested with their attention focused on your message.

Moving Lights PPTX Template

Next on the list of top PP templates for business and corporate presentations is Moving Lights, which is an animated powerpoint template that includes three color schemes and fully editable graphic elements. Along with the template, you can choose from six singularly unique master layouts, and 35 very unique presentation icons. The beauty of the Moving Lights Template is that it is so easy to edit to create a top presentation. If you want to see more, then have a look at the screenshots below.

Ultimate Business PP Template by Marketofy

Marketofy has created the ultimate Powerpoint. This MS presentation template has slides that are simple and clean and provide clarity to your presentation. Creating visually stunning slides is effortless because it is easy to edit slides with the drag and drop feature to create stunning presentations. It includes over 2,500 vector icons so that you can enhance your presentation and you can customize all colors to your company’s color. If you are looking specifically for professional presentations, then here are other examples of professional PowerPoint templates. When delivering your presentation, this MS PP template by Marketofy will make sure that focus is on you and your message.

Outside Presentation Template for MS PowerPoint

The Outside Presentation template is a fully editable powerpoint presentation that comes with over 100 cool and unique slides. Take advantage of the full animations and more than 1000 icons to really bring your presentations to life. All the elements in this presentation are editable and you can create some stunning slides for personal, business, or corporate presentations. There are beautiful color themes to choose from and by using the data charts, mind mpas, timelines, tree graphs, and flow charts, you will bring an element of sophistication to your delivery.

The Zero Business Infographic Powerpoint PPT Template

Are you looking for a business template with over 5,000 slides and full of infographics? Then look no further than the Zero Business Infographic Presentation Template. What you’ll love about the Zero Powerpoint template is that it is an unconventional fully editable well-designed, up-to-date and clean template for business presentations. Use this template to present your reports, financial updates, product launches, or market analysis in a clear and well-defined manner, and of course – lots of infographics in your presentation.

The Funky

Sometimes clean and simple just doesn’t do the job. That is why The Funky template is our next choice because it offers 46 slides of unadulterated multi-colored funkiness! Maybe you need to add a bit of life to your presentation? Or maybe you know your audience will be bored if they see the usual generic powerpoint slides? The Funky presentation template guarantees to inspire your audience and be encaptivated by your message. Present your presentation in full HD with the fully editable slides that also include slick animations.

Summit 1 PowerPoint Presentation PPT PPTX Business Template

The Summit 1 Powerpoint Template definitely deserves a place on the list of top presentation templates. The Summit 1 features 100s of unique slides which include maps, portfolios, mock ups and creatives. All the slides are fully customizable with 5 different color schemes to choose from. You can enhance your presentation slides with vector graphics for icons, maps, charts, timelines, charts, and shapes. We all know that color inspires and motivates, so why not see for yourself how the Summit can add a bit of life and vitality to your delivery. This template will certainly allow you to capture your audience.

Montuca Powerpoint Template PPTX for Business Presentations

If you choose the Powerpoint business template from Montuca, you get an amazing PP template with a very clean design. It includes 8 color schemes with 45 unique content slides. On these, you can present data charts, portfolios, tables, and much, much more. Spice up your presentation with using the easy to edit slides. This presentation template gives you all you need to present your information in a professional way.

Sketch Powerpoint Template for Original Slides

If you want to present a totally unique presentation, then this MS powerpoint template is just what you are looking for. All the slides have a feel that they have been expertly sketched on a blackboard allowing you to put over your message with an informal, yet professional touch. You can deliver your presentation wth fun, joy, and artistic creativity. The template comes with 32 unique slides and over 30 hand-drawn graphics to captivate your audience. There are many different situations where you can use this presentation template. So, if you have to present information related to electronics, the Internet, IT development, business solutions or graphic design, then check out the screenshots below to see how you can use it.

Retro Van PPT Template

It takes skill and expertise to present complicated information in a simple way. That is why Retro Van is our tenth pick. The template for powerpoint presentations helps you to deliver your message in a creative and minimalistic way and means that you can achieve clarity in your presentation. All the slides are easy to edit and customize and you can choose between 10 PPTX files and from 30 interesting slides. Choose to present your information with the timelines, maps, charts, graphs and other visual elements. These will help you deliver corporate and personal presentations in a way that appeals to your audience.