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10 Stunning Educational PowerPoint Templates


The best education PowerPoint templates are needed to give your classroom presentation the edge. Whether you are a teacher, student, or pupil who has to make a presentation, a great PowerPoint presentation template will help you present your message in style and sophistication. PowerPoint presentations for academic use in school, college, or university help your audience visualize your lecture and make your story even more compelling.

01. Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

This PowerPoint educational template for the classroom is perfect for delivering lectures to a young or mature audience. The colorful graphics and minimalistic style will help get your message over with precision and clarity. The PPTX files contain data charts, handmade infographics, animations, and maps. All the 2600 slides are fully editable.

What else do you get with Educational PP template? Check out these great features:

  • Choose from over 500 icons that are customizable
  • Many charts, data tables, lists, and timelines to enhance your lecture
  • All slides are in full HD 16:9
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02. Education Template for PowerPoint

Another MS PowerPoint template that is specifically for use in an educational setting is Education. The theme uses simple drag and drop to effortlessly design your slides in full HD. The minimalist design of the presentation template helps to focus learner’s attention on the main topic. You can also integrate maps, charts, graphics, and animation in your lecture presentation.

Here are some other great features you get with “Education”:

  • Over 60 slides with the option to use your own custom colors
  • Super smooth animations to liven up your presentation
  • Tons of pre-designed slides to choose from
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03. Education PowerPoint Presentation Template with PPTX

One of the best educational PowerPoint templates on the market because it looks stunning in classroom or lecture settings. This template is great for academic presentation to deliver clear and unique presentations. There are 45 unique slides specifically for educational use and can be used by students and teachers alike. You can also deliver your presentation in 16:9 and 4:3 ratios and there’s the option for A4 handouts.

Why should you choose Education PowerPoint template? Here are 3 great reasons:

  • Comes with a ton of different sections that include maps, timelines, portfolios, trees, and infographics.
  • All slides are fully editable with easy drag and drop
  • Comes with light and dark version in 10 premade colors
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04. Marketofy – Ultimate PowerPoint Template

This is a PowerPoint template that is perfect for use in academic settings. Although it is not specifically for educational use, it is easy to create stunning-looking lectures for your students or pupils. The benefit of using Marketofy for your educational presentations is that there are so many unique slides to choose from that are great for education, e-learning, or general teaching. The PP template comes with a massive 2,400 icons and many graphics, tables, and charts to choose from.

Some other features of Marketofy include:

  • Charts for core values, trends, flow systems, cause & effect, brainstorming, and motivation
  • Use PowerPoint PPT and PPTX files for stunning presentations
  • All slides look amazing and are very easy to edit and use customizable colors.
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05. 3 in 1 Multipurpose PowerPoint Template Bundle

Another multipurpose PP template that works well for education presentation is 3 in 1 Multipurpose. Choose from over 300 slides that include animations and a light and dark theme in stunning full HD. The 3 in 1 bundle is perfect for any kind of academic, educational, or university presentation. However, if your presentation is for business training, impact studies, or market research, then “3 in 1” will do the job perfectly.

Here are some other features:

  • The MS PP template package is fully animated
  • Choose from over 40 premade colors and change colors with one click
  • Use drag & drop to effortlessly create amazing presentation slides from the template
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06. School Board – Creative Powerpoint Template

If you are looking for the classic school board look with chalk effects, then the School Board template is perfect for your classroom lectures. This is one of the most unique MS templates for PowerPoint on the market and gets away from corporate-style PowerPoint themes. School Boards is so easy to use that school children can easily create amazing classroom presentations to impress their teachers and classmates.

What are some of the other reasons to consider buying School Board? Here are 3:

  • Slides are in full HD and retina ready
  • No photoshop required and free chalk font on many colors is in the template
  • 7 color styles of school board and PPT and PPTX PowerPoint files are included
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07. Chalk Style PowerPoint School Presentation Template

Make your classroom presentation funs with Chalk Style Powerpoint template. As its name suggests, Chalk Style MS PowerPoint presentation is based on the classic school blackboard style. The chalk effects and animations are great for making presentations for even the youngest student fun and enjoyable. This is an education PowerPoint presentation like no other.

What else do you get in the PowerPoint bundle?

  • 12 slides for 4:3 and 16:9 versions
  • 48 unique illustrations and icons for fun presentations
  • Make learning fun for classroom settings
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08. Prism Minimal PowerPoint Template Builder

With Prism you can create stunning educational and academic presentation to wow an older audience. Many lecturers and mature students enjoy making presentations with Prism because of its minimalistic design and clear, crisp graphics and images. You get stunning full-screen images with maps, charts, mind maps, and timelines. All items are completely editable without needing PhotoShop. /p>

There’s a lot more to Prism, including:

  • Mock ups included to quickly get you started
  • Contains PPTX and PPT files for MS PowerPoint and Mac
  • Over 200 slides with endless possibilities to customize them
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09. Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template

Verzus is a stunning minimal PowerPoint template for educational presentations. Your audience will quickly grasp the main points presented on this PP bundle. As with all the best PowerPoint templates on the market, Verzus comes with maps, charts, infographics, pie charts, graphic charts, and much more. What’s more, with Verzus you also get over 3,000 vector icons that are fully editable.

Check out some of the other features of Verzus:

  • Educational template for academic use in classrooms, lecture halls, or business meetings
  • Over 200 slides with customizable colors and drag & drop
  • 1000s of happy customers that only use Verzus for all their presentations
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10. Clark – Business & Educational Creative Template

This is another multipurpose template that looks just as good in a classroom as it does in the boardroom. With Clark MS PowerPoint package, you get everything you need for a presentation, lecture, or report. Highlight your main points with stunning graphics in full HD widescreen ratio. All the slides have been designed to be crisp and clear and are available in bright and dark formats.

There are many more reasons for choose Clark PP Template

  • Stunning animation effects included
  • Use drag & drop on the master slides to easily create the kind of slide for your presentation
  • PSD Mockups with PPT and PPTX slides
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