Incredible Super Car Photography: Lamborghini (Part One)

A super car is incredibly expensive, and chances are the majority of us reading this will never have the luxury of owning one ourselves. That doesn't however mean we can't enjoy the beautiful super car design aspects, and of course some inspirational super car photography! This post features Lamborghini super car photography. A selection of lovely, sleek and stylish Lamborghini super car photographs that serve as not only car photography inspiration but design inspiration too. This is part one of our super car photography series.

An Exploration of Melbourne’s Graffiti Art

Melbourne is considered to be Australia's artistic capital. This is reflected in the street art that flows through the city’s many alleyways. Regardless of whether you consider graffiti to be art or crime, there’s no denying the talent that goes in to each of these works. Do you agree? Melbourne is famous for its large outdoor murals that are photographed by millions of tourists each year. The city council found themselves in hot water last year after ‘cleaning’ some examples that were considered to be significant by the local art community.




32 Innovative iPad Application Website Designs

People who design applications for iPad and iPhone products are usually pretty good at keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

We've seen plenty of superb website designs dedicated to iPhone applications, but there are many iPad application websites out there; here we showcase 32 of them!






Impressive Examples Of Minimalism In Web Design (Part One)

Minimalism in web design is a very popular trend at the moment and there is a great reason to why that is. It makes the usability of a site look superb, and in general the majority of people like the look of minimal and clean designs - you'd be surprised at how many sites suffer from user loss just because they're not 100% happy with how it looks or works. Part one of this showcase features a selection of impressive and rather beautiful examples of the minimalism trend in web design. What do you think of minimal designs? Remember to check out part two!