Beautiful and Cheerful (Bright) Yellow Web Designs

Yellow is one of those colours in design that is generally much harder to use and actually get away with using it. Because it can be so bright, it tends to be much harsher on the eyes and therefore is often avoided. It can work well though (especially when used with black). This showcase features a small handful of beautiful and cheerful (bright) yellow web designs that work well on both a visual appearance and usability basis. What's your favourite?

25 Fantastic Photographs of World Famous Landmarks

I would very much would like to visit most of these landmarks myself and discover just how spectacular these stunning pieces of both nature and man made landmarks are in real life, especially as many of them were built and created years before the modern era and technology. All of the following images are from all over the world from Australia to Rio De Janeiro and are well worth visiting due to the sheer brilliance of the engineering that has gone into building them. This post also serves as a great source of inspiration for travel and landscape photographers.




Toy Story Trilogy Posters, Concept Art and Fan Art

Since the first Toy Story was released in 1995 it has been one of my all time favourite movies; I remember it well because it was also the year I became an older brother, and also where my little sister got her nickname from. I've seen the first and second movie countless amount of times, and went to see the third at the cinema asap - it's great by the way! This post shows my never-dying love for the films and characters within it, showcasing a selection of original Toy Story posters, concept art and fan art from all three films.






10 Stunning Educational PowerPoint Templates

The best education PowerPoint templates are needed to give your classroom presentation the edge. Whether you are a teacher, student, or pupil who has...