25 Fantastic Photographs of World Famous Landmarks

I would very much would like to visit most of these landmarks myself and discover just how spectacular these stunning pieces of both nature and man made landmarks are in real life, especially as many of them were built and created years before the modern era and technology. All of the following images are from all over the world from Australia to Rio De Janeiro and are well worth visiting due to the sheer brilliance of the engineering that has gone into building them. This post also serves as a great source of inspiration for travel and landscape photographers.

Sites We Like: Inspiring Website Designs

Here at The Inspiration Blog, we regularly come across inspiring website designs. They might be sent to us via our Contact form or tweeted using our hashtag #HeyTIB or simply discovered on a voyage around the internet. Here are some recent examples that we just had to share. Remember to give us your feedback using the comment form below!




30 Creative Body Paint Art Examples That Will Amaze

Body painting, or body art, is a temporary painted design applied to human skin. Body painting is largely a creative expression however there are applications outside of the art world such as in the military where body paint is used as camouflage. Other forms of body art include the application of coloured clay, charcoal, dyes and "henna" tattoos which are practiced mainly in India and the Middle East. Find your dream tattoo here View Gallery






Celebrating Video: Must-See Motion Picture Work

Recently we received a number of inspiring examples of motion picture work via our Contact form. The quality and breadth of the work is amazing and we just had to share a collection of our favourite videos. These artists have an ability to tell a story and create a mood using video and audio. Here are some examples of how real-world footage, animation or a combination of both can be used to great effect. We'll let the work speak for itself, and remember to support the artists by adding your comments below. Enjoy!