20 Stunning Examples of Eye Make-Up Macro Photography

Eyes are possibly one of the most beautiful things you can photograph, especially for make-up photography. The colours and patterns that form in the iris are incredible and are often overlooked with the human eye.

This showcase of eye make-up macro photography features a selection of superb shots, all of which use make-up to bring out the best of the photos, making them more unique and visually appealing, serving as a great source of inspiration.

Artist Showcase: Designer & Illustrator Wayne Dorrington

I set about learning the art of Infographics and Data Visualisation last year. Starting simply (with the complete journeys of Doctor Who - which I immediately regretted) I learned a lot and began to try as many different styles as I could. Most recently, I dabbled with use of icons to tell stories recreating the entire plots of the first two Star Wars movies entirely in icons (or "Iconoscope"). I'm now moving towards traditional illustration as well. I am not, however, thinking of shaving my ginger beard in the foreseeable future as its inherent gingeryness is the source of my creative energy.




Collection of Wonderful Vintage Beer Advertisements and Posters

Beer advertisements have always been pretty inspirational. From the 1900's all the way up to today, photographers, artists and designers have always experimented and found new ways to come up with some wonderful advertising campaigns. We have collected a bunch of vintage beer ads that were used throughout the twentieth century, from well-known beers and lagers to some not so well-known ones. What is your favourite ad here, and why? Like this topic? Then check out the following book: "Read Me: A Century of Classic American Book Advertisements".






Creative T-Shirt Designs from Inkefx – PLUS 15% Off Coupon!

Since about 2010, Jake Mize had been playing with the idea of starting a small t-shirt company. His main goal, just like most other small t-shirt brands, is to provide a high quality product at a very reasonable price and to make sure that the overall customer experience is as enjoyable as possible. Jake had originally started outsourcing the designs to a couple of illustrators to help grow the brand and bring exposure to artists that were maybe not so well known. But, being a designer himself, Jake's own designs quickly became his preferred creative outlet.