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every single author that has ever posted on the inspiration blog; all in one tidy little list!

We’re always looking for people to contribute to the blog. If you’re interested in having your name in lights, get in touch with us via our contact form with some of your ideas.

Jason Shaw:
Jason is a huge digital art, media and technology fan who comes from a web design background. He owns The Inspiration Blog and is an advocate for giving visibility to artists and great design work.

Callum Chapman:
Callum Chapman is a self-employed blogger, author, graphic designer and illustrator. He owns Circlebox Creative and Circlebox Blog. He is also the founder of The Inspiration Blog. You can follow Callum on Twitter.

Tom Woodhouse:
Tom is a good friend of Callum’s and is currently preparing to train to join the police force. He also has an interest in various aspects of design. You can follow Tom on Twitter.

Alan Horne:
Alan is the head web designer and front end web developer at aBox Creative, living in Glasgow, Scotland, specialising in Joomla and WordPress design. While he isn’t feeding his hunger for more knowledge he can be found kicking a ball around for his local football team or playing golf. Read his personal design blog or follow him on Twitter.

Robert Wojciechowski
Robert is a freelance web designer from a Polish/Australian background, currently living and studying motion graphics in Melbourne. He has a passion for moving image, web and graphic design. In his spare time he likes to read and write about design. Visit Roberts website and follow him on Twitter.

Robert Thompson
Robert is a Jamaican graphic design and illustration freelancer. Keenly interested in multiple facets of design and art, he tries to balance it all out with his love of electronic music, notably the trance genre. Follow him on Twitter.

Mubashir Baweja
Mubashir is a 15-year-old designer in Toronto, Canada with a passion for all things creative. Currently in high school, he plans on studying graphic design for higher level education. You can contact him via Twitter or Facebook.

Paul Maloney
Paul Maloney is a UK based web designer/developer and runs the design agency Tropica. He particularly enjoys using and working with WordPress and has a keen interest in typography. You can follow Paul on Twitter.

Lucas Cobb
Lucas Cobb is the founder of Lucas Cobb Design and a partner at Nenuno Creative. Follow Lucas on Twitter.

Matthew Celia
Matthew Celia is a young director in his mid-twenties constantly seeking art and visual inspiration. He enjoys taking in the simple, beautiful moments of life and exploring every detail. Photographer, filmmaker, musician, blogger, wine-conisieur, and an Apple-loving tech geek, it seems he can never find enough hobbies to satisfy his hunger to explore something new. Follow him on Twitter or on his new blog with his fiancé, The Cashless Couple.

Emma Websdale:
Emma Websdale is a 20 year old student waiting to carry out the Biological Conservation degree. She is a big literature fan and is currently in the process of getting her first fantasy novel “Alluro” published. She also writes articles for Environmental Graffiti where she can demonstrate her passion for nature and conservation.

David Darnes:
David is currently working for a design agency in Stamford. He is always interested in starting new projects, designs and general ideas. Check out his website, blog, and Twitter.

Jess Gurr:
Jess is a freelance writer and illustrator based in Bristol. She has experience in online PR and social media, is well versed in prose writing, scriptwriting for film and television, and copywriting, and has a passion for character design. She likes to do a spot of photography and design every now and then. She’s also got a slight addiction for anything to do with Japanese culture. Go check out her website, see some pretties on flickr or add her on Twitter.

Colin Oakes:
Colin is a designer and front-end developer from Guelph, Ontario. He loves sharing cool things on Twitter and his blog.

Mariam Bin Natoof:
Mariam is creative professional from Dubai/UAE, with eight years of experience in communication and creative management skills. Founder & Creative Director of Natoof Design. Website: www.natoof.com. Twitter: www.twitter.com/natoof.

Ben Lim:
Ben Lim works professionally as a graphic designer and is the owner of Betifon Clothing. He loves all things art and fashion. When not designing you can find him roaming the back alleys of cities in search of inspiring street art and graffiti.

Milli-Jane Pooley:
Milli-Jane can provide you with a wonderfully cute and quirky way of saying ‘Hello!’ with her super special range of greetings cards. She will even endeavour to create cards with the utmost in personalisation when it comes to your preference of design. Just let her know your ideas and she’ll do the rest! Visit her blog at millijane.blogspot.com

Wayne Dorrington:
Wayne moved from a marketing job into the web design world working for a design agency. He is nicely situated in London working with some of the coolest brands around like Google, YouTube and Apple. He is focusing more and more on illustration and infographics which is becoming his specialty. Check out his website: www.waynedorrington.co.uk