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Doodling Mad: 50 Great Google Doodles From 2009

Most of us will probably have Google as our home page or have had it in the past - if you have you'll be familar with how often Google plays with their logo to reflect a current event, celebrate festivals, anniversaries and a whole lot of other stuff. In this post we have compiled a collection of fifty Google "Doodles" (as they like to call them) from last year (2009), celebrating a whole bunch of stuff including world wide events such as New Years, famous peoples birthdays, Mothers and Fathers day, and anniversaries from the Yokohama Port Opening (150 years ago) and Sesame Street.

Super Slick: 20 Jaw-Dropping Mac Application Websites

If you've ever used a Mac, you will have surely recognised the top-notch interface going on in both its 1st and 3rd party applications. Behind each one of these apps there is a "mac-esque" website as well, and they look just as good! There are loads of lovely slick Mac app web designs out there, but this showcase presents twenty of the very of them, leaving you wanting every single application that is being advertised - whether you have a use for it or not! Let us know your favourite both in this list and out by leaving a comment!

25 Inspirational Logos You Wish You Had Thought Of Yourself

Logos as you know them are everywhere we look - but they're not always all that great. We see a bunch of boring logos every single day, and to be honest, the world could be spiced up some what if people took more time over their logos and paid attention to the smaller details. This post features 25 inspirational logos you wish you had thought of for yourself, whether for your own company or a client. What's your favourite logo? If you like this post, you have to check out this book: "Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities (Voices That Matter)".

Capturing Nature: The Uncomparable Work of NestR

If you're not familiar with NestR's work, then you're in for a treat. NestR has an uncanny talent for capturing moments in nature that reveal it's true beauty. Just keep a hand under your jaw as you take a look through these photos, we do not want to be responsible for any jaw dropping injuries. Now sit back and enjoy. If you like this post, and are thinking about taking your own nature photography work, check out this great book: "Nature Photography: Insider Secrets from the World's Top Digital Photography Professionals".

20 Beautiful Bokeh Photographs That Will Leave You Dazzled

The bokeh effect has to be one of the simplest, yet most visually stunning. It's achieved by un-focusing (or blurring) out lights in an image which turns them into shiny circles! It normally helps if you have a high depth of field going on. Some of the pictures you'll see a few different shape lights, this is achieved by modifying the bokeh effect using a filter which goes over the front of the lens. So, enjoy these beautiful bokeh images!

31 Photos That’ll Leave You Wanting to Shoot With a 50mm...

50mm lenses are the gem in most photographers tool kits. They provide great depth of field by allowing the aperture to open up really wide (most common apertures are 1.8 or 1.4) and pin sharp images that will leave your eyes sore staring at the details. You can pick up a 50mm prime lens at pretty low price and it's a great step in the right direction to give your photos that professional edge. I've rounded up 31 brilliant examples of photos taken with a 50mm lens for your eye candy, enjoy!

Mind Deceiving Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography is one of the most interesting perspective techniques used by photographers. It uses extreme depths of field to trick the mind into making you think you're looking at a miniature world which otherwise would be a plain old photograph. I've put together 32 of the best examples of tilt-shift photos, some are created using Photoshop, others are produced with a tilt-shift lens.