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Artist Showcase: Malcolm Clarke Editor and Photographer

Malcolm Clarke

Out of Town

The title literally tells the story. A song about getting out of the city. In my spare time I get a lot of pleasure out of creating music and this came about after experimenting with a musical loops program. The images are taken from a trip to Australia and I like how they ended up being slightly “photo albumish” and a little bit quirky. The facial expressions have their own thing going on and the rest is up to interpretation.

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Make a Little Peace

This song came about because I had been practicing yoga for about a year and a half and learning to be more aware of my surroundings. There’s so much in the world that we take for granted – and I continually struggle to slow down. I would like a little more stillness. When it came to creating the video I had some footage that I had filmed of my friend’s dog in the back seat of the car and decided to use that. During the process of editing he turned into more of a character than I had initially intended. The video ended up being a little bit like “Children” by Robert Miles. I am an editor by day and with these youtube projects I often find myself breaking all the rules. Repeating shots, holding onto them for too long… but it all seems to work.

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State of My Life – Music by Michael Jones, Video by Malcolm Clarke

This was a case of two friends with a camera wanting to make a video. The song is slightly quirky and it’s almost a “day in the life of a character” so that was how I approached the visual imagery to compliment. The bulk of the footage was filmed in a couple of hours and then I mashed together a few shots from holiday videos I had already.

Often when I am travelling I will film clips on my digital camera not knowing exactly what I will use it for but knowing that it’s good for texture. There are lights from a train station in Sydney, Australia, plus a Sydney cityscape seen from a bus and dancers from the festival of colours in Auckland, New Zealand. There is no clear story as such – but again (and as you might notice from the other clips) I wanted to play around with movement and try to get a sense of travelling from one place to another. I used a lot of moving shots taken from cars and trains etc.

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Malcolm has a passion for photography and writing in his spare time. Earlier this year Malcolm co-wrote a theatre production called “Memoirs of a Serial Dater” with Janelle Bish which was performed as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival.

While maintaining a full-time professional career Malcolm’s energy for performance has never waned. He is currently studying the Meisner acting technique with Michael Saccente and regularly auditions for acting roles.

‘I worked with Malcolm Clarke on a short film and I found his editing and interpersonal skills extremely good. He is flexible, creative, intuitive and insightful. I can thoroughly recommend him knowing that whatever he works on, he commits to and he will produce a good product.’ – Peter Wells (Writer/Filmmaker)

Malcolm can be contacted via his website.