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Artist Showcase: Latin Inspired Illustration Art by Alberto Cerriteño


Cerriteño’s world is a fiesta of fun, with each of his characters brought to life with a striking contrast of colors, saturated textures and various patterns. Humans, heroes, monsters and supernatural beings come to life in his drawings. A muted, vintage hue is often used to create a placid atmosphere to his work, opposing his usually bright shades. He finishes each of his drawings with finer details, highlighting his rough yet grandiose style that is unique in its own.

Alberto Cerriteño has worked as an Art Director in various agencies, focusing on advertising, interactive and educational projects. He now works as an independent artist and collaborates with many eccentric and creative talents to produce diverse yet appealing print, posters and displays.

Alberto’s Coffee and Ink on Paper

Digital Illustrations for a Game App

Digital Characters for the Mexican Indie Band Austin TV

Digital animation for a music video by Static of the Gods.

The artist’s take on Nosferatu

Digital illustration for a campaign proposal for Lottery in Madrid.

Digital design for the magazine, Futuro

Rough sketches in the works

Visit Alberto Cerriteño’s portfolio at http://www.albertocerriteno.com.