Vintage Is The New Modern: Showcase of Vintage-Inspired Business Cards

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One style of business card that is especially popular these days is “vintage”, using modern techniques to produce vintage-looking designs.

Even though the printing techniques used today are much more advanced, many people still choose to the expensive option to get their business cards printed, making them look like cards from the XIX century. Maybe modern isn’t necessarily better? What do you think?

Vintage cards have been in and out of fashion, but they are most definitely trendy as we speak. Here are 50 examples of beautiful vintage business card designs.

Showcases ~ 11 comments

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  • Irma

    Some much needed inspiration… I love the PR one!!!!

  • Mondo

    These are awesome. This is the best compilation of business cards I’ve seen in a while. Vintage is totally in. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jayman Pandya

    I really like the one of DJ Kreme…

    Clean and nice…

    perforated too… :D

  • Emma Websdale

    Wow! I love the coupon one – Such a great idea! The tag ones are really cool as well :D

  • Ann

    These business cards are really inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  • Aaron Taylor

    Hi, I really like the one of the tyres. I might use this for my business!

  • blue2x

    its funny that the vintage designs make use of the ornamental / flourishes technique and its even used today. i really like the report public corruption business card, the embossed seal makes it look like a coin, really neat.

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