Top 10 Kinetic Typography Videos on the Web

Top 10 Kinetic Typography Videos on the Web

Top 10 Kinetic Typography Videos on the Web

10. Why So Serious?

9. 300

8. Where is my money?

7. Rocky Balboa Motivational Speech

6. Kill Bill

5. Blink 182

4. The 8 rules of Fight Club

3. Typography by Ronnie Bruce

2. V for Vendetta

1. Chemical Burn

I chose this to be number one, because it evoked the strongest emotions in me. This kinetic typography piece puts you straight into scene with the excellent choice of fonts and colours. The nice white fade outs and camera shakes make the viewer almost feel Edward Norton’s pain. And the big font with a deep colour shows the dominance of Brad Pitt’s character.

What’s your favourite piece here? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. These are all wonderful, thanks for collecting them. I like #4 the 8 rules of fight club the most. The swinging metal background gives it more of an analog feel and less contrived and computerized than some of the others. The typography matches well with the background. Thanks!

  2. How are these being judged? Are we ranking these in order of best animation or best quote? Because the Blink song has by far the most complex and inventive animation behind it.

  3. Well i think kinetic typography should be judged by how appropriate the chosen elements, principles and styles are to the meaning of the text. If your not sure what i mean you can contact me via my site and we can chat.

  4. Check out this cute Little Drummer Boy video made with moving text.

    Little Drummer Boy by Ten Days Till – [Christmas Music Video]

    Here’s the youtube link

  5. Thanks for the collection/tips you put together another great Typography blog post. I generally use a cufon of a nice clean, rounded san-sarif font for titles, other then that good old arial. Cufon has made this possible, I would never use a font other then Arial or Times without cufon.

  6. I’m late to the party on this post, but I’m surprised no one has mentioned the one for Jonathan Coulton’s Shop Vac. I think it’s just about the best one out there.