The Colour-Coded Bookshelf: 18 Inspiring Examples

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The Colour-Coded Bookshelf: 18 Inspiring Examples

The bookshelf… It’s something most of us have in our homes, if not one, two, three, or maybe even more! Sometimes bookshelves look messy; but there is however a superb way to get that bookshelf looking great – arrange it by colour! Not only does it look great and add a splash of colour to your room without much effort, but it also makes your room appear bigger than it actually is, just like magic!

I’m a huge fan of this technique, and hope to someday have a bookshelf inspiring as the ones showcased in this post. What one is your favourite, and why?

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Want your own colour-coded bookshelf but don’t have enough cash, time, or books? We have the perfect solution… check out this great vintage style bookshelf poster – it’s not colour-coded, but it’s the best we can do: “Posters: Bookshelves Poster Photo Wallpaper – Bookshelf 2-Parts (87 x 36 inches)“.

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  • xavi

    I think is a great idea, is a kind of pantone-bookshelf ;)
    retweet and i link from my blog.

  • Junior S

    What a unique post.

  • Richie

    I wonder how they managed to put them in order!

  • Steve Robillard

    I love the aesthetics of this idea, but how the hell do you find a specific book? Right now I have 50 shelves worth of books and can tell you which bookcase to go to for any given book.

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    [...] I must admit, the colour-coding thing does look striking. I wonder how the rest of the room relates to it? More striking colour-coded shelves here. [...]

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    [...] Colour-coded bookshelf from The Inspiration Blog [...]

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