Showcase of Beautiful Transparent Plastic Business Cards

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Transparent Plastic Business Cards

If you want your business card to stand out from the crowd (there’s a lot to stand out from!) you need something special. There a bunch of trends and different printing techniques you can choose from to make your cards more interesting, such as spot uv, embossing and letterpressing.

This showcase features 30 beautiful transparent plastic business cards to help inspire you when designing your own cards. What one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section!

If you like this topic, you should check this great book out: “The Best of Business Card Design 9“.

Showcases ~ 10 comments

Virtua Networks

View Source: Behance

Grafanna Advertising Agency

View Source: Flickr

Business Cards Express

View Source: Flickr


View Source: Flickr

Belák Annamária

View Source: Flickr


View Source: Flickr

Wo Pro Werbung

View Source: Flickr

Moving Doc Moving Light Service

View Source: Flickr

AP Synergy

View Source: Flickr

John Trinh & Associates Design and Drafting

View Source: Flickr


View Source: Flickr


View Source: Flickr

Genixdesign Creative Solutions

View Source: Creattica

MDC Housewares Inc

View Source: Creattica

Ark.Ch Soluzion Ltd

View Source: Creattica


View Source: Creattica


View Source: Creattica


View Source: Creattica

Atec S.L. Business Card

View Source: Creattica


View Source: Creattica


View Source: Creattica

Benzing Technologies

View Source: Creattica


View Source: Creattica


View Source: Creattica

Dreamten Studies

View Source: Creattica

Grafix Unlimited

View Source: Creattica


View Source: Creattica

Celebrity Tattoo and Piercing

View Source: Creattica

Dreamten Studios

View Source: Creattica


View Source: Creattica

Limoen Multimedia

View Source: Limoen Multimedia

Like this post? Check this great book out: “The Best of Business Card Design 9“.

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  • Eko

    Really creative design, save some of them as a source of inspiration.

  • David

    Nice list! I like the Wildlabs cards :)

  • Ted Thompson

    Some cool concepts. Haven’t come across plastic business cards before. I feel educated, thanks for sharing!

  • Emma Websdale

    I have never seen such diveristy with transparent business cards! The tape one is an amazing idea! Good post!

  • Dante

    I like the WildLabs card the best, it’s such an interesting design! If anyone needs some good plastic cards in the U.S., I just got mine from

  • Chloe

    Some of these are very elegant. I especially like the audiocassette one. Are they much of a challenge for a business card printer to make?

  • Eleven Plastic Business Card Examples

    [...] Image via [...]

  • Plastic busienss cards

    These plastic business cards looking so well, I think these design of cards provides good ideas for new business establishments of business holders.

  • print vip cards

    Some cool concepts!! These plastic business cards looking so well..I have never seen such diveristy with transparent business cards!

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