Powerful Posters: 40 Wonderful Typographic-Based Examples

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The Power Of Posters: 40 Wonderful Typographic-Based Examples

Typography is one of the strongest elements that can be used in print design, and in many cases is the first focal point, especially in the 40 typographic-based posters featured in this showcase.

Examples include minimal design making use of white space, subtle texture and large type, to the busy, modern day digital design jam-packed full of colour and making use of several types of media.

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  • Robert

    Absolutely great post! Really loving some of these.

  • LukeSF

    A really impressive set of posters. Enjoyed ‘em greatly!

  • Paul

    Great collection! Thanks Gemma :)

  • Lucas Cobb Design

    All I’m going to say is that it looks like grunge is in.

  • Adie

    Really great post. If anyone is stuck for inspiration they can certainly find some ideas here.

  • Mubashir Baweja

    Great post, Gemma! :)

  • Ali Designs

    Well done Gemma, such amazing collection :)

  • Maria

    You’re right Adie! I’m getting a lot of ideas heres.

  • Puneet

    Wow! Very nice and very creative. Thanks for sharing this :)

  • Ovsyannykov

    Incredible work!

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