Powerful Messages: Inspirational World War II Propaganda Posters

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Powerful Messages: Inspirational World War II Propaganda Posters

Back during WWII many of the messages the US and British government stressed to their public were limited in the medium they could be relayed, and were left with few options including radio, newspapers and posters.

The posters are now described as “propaganda posters” as the posters addressed particular subjects but omitted certain information to give some extra weight to the issue at hand.

Aside from the powerful messages they portray, the design and typography in these posters is something to marvel at, which is why we have compiled a small handful of them for you to look at.

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If You Tell


Plant A Victory Garden

Bowl Them Over

Crack the Axis

Careless Talk

When You Ride Alone

Save Waste Fats

Don’t Kill Her Daddy

Keep Calm And Carry On

Bits Of Careless Talk

Someone Talked

Loose Lips

This Is The Enemy

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  • Emma Websdale

    Blimy! Whenever I look at things like this during war times, it sends shivers up and down my spine! Its so scary to think how manipulative and frightening advertisements were back then.
    Great post!

  • Paul

    Thanks Emma!

    Yeah the advertising was somewhat hardcore, but they got the point across I think! :)

  • Machin

    These are great. Love this style.

  • Mikhael Anderson

    Brilliant work pal. Thought provoking Posters all. Each poster is a masterpiece!

  • Lukas Salomon

    Frightening. But from a design-related point of view, they’re very effective. Simple message delivered in an impressive way.
    Another interesting fact: When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he put the “Loose Lips Can Sink Ships” poster on a wall. I guess you wouldn’t expect anything different from him :P

  • roai buchman

    world war 2 – those were crazy time for every one in the world

  • Polle


  • Heydon

    Beautiful and effective art.
    The message may seem heavy-handed to some people in our time, but they might not be able to grasp how serious World War II was. It was the epic conflict of history–60,000,000 dead and probably hundreds of millions wounded.
    Thanks for the display.

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