Love In The Animal Kingdom: 20 Heart-Warming Photographs

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Love In The Animal Kingdom: 20 Heart-Warming Photographs

A lot of animals can be very affectionate, and this post proves just that. We have compiled a selection of heart-warming photos that were captured at just the right moment. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Let it inspire you to take your own animal love photographs – the key is to be patient and wait for the perfect moment…

The showcase features cats, dogs, birds and horses – something for every animal lover! Which photo do you think is the sweetest?

If you like this post, check out the following book, jam-packed full of animal love!: “Animals in Love“.

Showcases ~ 5 comments

Kissing Fennec Fox

Photo by: Floridapfe

Dance Of Love

Photo by: Kjunstorm

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy

Photo by: Manyfires


Photo by: Abelardo Ojeda Flores Alatorre


Photo by: MonicaH


Photo by: Caro77

Love Cats

Photo by: AnaCB

Love No Matter What

Photo by: Epiphany

Parrot In Love

Photo by: Wiltz

True Love

Photo by: Lakemount

True Love

Photo by: SOmat

In Love

Photo by: Arwen91


Photo by: Htdcam81

Portrait Of Love

Photo by: Meppol

First Love

Photo by: D-a-vis


Photo by: Girl-Yo-Yo


Photo by: 1Pablo-diablo1

The Love Of A True Friend

Photo by: Yunaayame


Photo by: SufferSome

Kitty Love

Photo by: Everythings-eventual

If you like this post, check out the following book, jam-packed full of animal love!: “Animals in Love“.

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  • Cecilia

    Love them, but there are too many cats and no monkeys!!!!

  • Susannah Wollman

    When horses lay their ears back, it is not a sign of affection but of annoyance or anger. Even the little one’s ears are back. Is mommy perhaps chiding him for something?

  • Bronson

    Those little puppies are the best, so small and so cute.

  • Sable

    These are more than fantastic, they are inspired. I could spend hours looking through a collection like this. The colors and the scenes shine through with a warm energy, as does the passion of the creator. Thank you for sharing this gift.

  • 落定

    so beautiful

    I like ~

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