Illustration Art For The Imagination

Illustration Art For The Imagination

Illustration for the imagination

Becca Clason

Becca is a graphic designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has recently finished a self-initiated poster series using lettering and illustration which features some of her favorite musicians: Bon Iver, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and Lykke Li.

Becca Clason Illustration

Damien Jones

With over 12 years design experience working in London, Damien specialises in creating Concept design and Film marketing campaigns for clients within the entertainment industry. He originally trained as a Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins before gradually being drawn towards digital illustration. He has worked for a wide range of international clients and his work has appeared in publications such as Imagine FX.

Damien Jones Illustration


  1. Both designer’s work is fantastic but I especially have an appreciation for Becca Clason’s illustrations. I have had several educational instructors tell me over the years that this minimalist approach is boring and ineffective. I however believe that it has the opposite effect. Because there is so little on the page to be seen, it leads the viewer to further research the product or idea being sold. Which essentially was the goal all along. Awareness.

    Ms.Clason’s ode to 1950s design is to be commended as well. Very nice work. Less IS more.