Fresh From The Oven: 30+ Tasty & Unbelievable Cake Designs

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Fresh From The Oven: 40 Tasty & Unbelievable Cake Designs

Cake decorating and cake design isn’t just something bakers do. It’s a form of food art, and a very skilled one at that.

This post showcases a bunch of tasty cake decoration designs – although I don’t think I could bring myself to eat these works of art! They featuring some well-known characteristics of food art, cake decoration, and sugar-craft styles! Enjoy!

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  • Ali Designs

    Wow, excellent post of yummy inspiring cakes!! Nom! Nom!

  • Blonde

    Wow! I love the Mario cake!

    Here’s something a little more ‘risque’ (if that’s your thing)

  • Criss Rock

    WOW ! AMAZING AND GREAT COLLECTION !! Thanks for sharing with us…..

  • Benjamin Reid

    I’m very hungry now!

  • Emma

    Wow i LOVE LOVE LOVE the women and cat one :D

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