Empty Space: 40+ Stunning Minimalistic Book Covers

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Empty Space: 40+ Stunning Minimalistic Book Covers

Minimalism is a popular style used in graphic design and illustration, and is widely used in book cover design, helping the user to focus on the title of the book and the authors name. The book cover design is often elegant, using icon design and photography and illustration.

This showcase features over 40 stunning minimalistic book cover designs, including links to Amazon where you can purchase the books for yourself. What’s your favourite?

If you have your own digital examples you should send them to a booklet printing service and have them delivered!

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Buy this book at Amazon

Black Lab

Buy this book at Amazon

Garden State

Buy this book at Amazon


Buy this book at Amazon

Brand Hijack

Buy this book at Amazon

Flying Leap

Buy this book at Amazon

In The Cut

Buy this book at Amazon


Buy this book at Amazon

The Complete Stories

Buy this book at Amazon

Moral Relativism

Buy this book at Amazon

Best American Gay Fiction #2

Buy this book at Amazon

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  • Phil Stringfellow

    Great list! I have mention the first three books by Russell Andrews though – Gideon, Icarus and Aphrodite. Great minimalistic designs, and no hint as to how great the stories inside are.

  • Robert

    Awesome article Callum! I really like the “Moral Relativism” cover, might have to buy the book ;)

  • Adriana

    Great article! I really like the cover for the “Wide awake” book and the one for “Moral relativism”.

  • Callum Chapman

    Thanks everyone! Me too, a few of these books are tempting to buy just because of the covers. I know people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s hard to do being in the design industry! ;)

  • Liminal Graphic Design Cornwall

    Book covers are such an amazing art and this selection is great. Love the simplicity of An Ethics Of Interrogration and The Crow’s Vow.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Joe

    Thankfully, none were crowd sourced for the design!

  • Katja Nina

    such great examples there – truly inspirational!

  • Anna

    Great collection – thanks for putting them together!

  • Annie

    Interesting to see the high percentage of male authors in the selections. I expect this is not particularly a function of the works themselves, but of the predisposition of the designers to associate minimalism with masculinity.

  • AM

    This is a great selection, all so beautifully simple. I wish that it wasn’t a blatant ad for buying books on Amazon though. Can’t we see anything book related on the internet and not have it be linked to Amazon?

  • anonymous

    nice round-up. but would be better with the credits for designers included. think most of these should be readily available online—recognize most.

  • M. E. Braun

    Striking collection of unattributed design; why not identify the designers who created these fine book covers? meb

  • Wendy Jane Carrel

    Hello Callum and thank you for your blog and for assembling these minimalist covers!!! I’ve been collecting covers I like for a while now to reference for clients. You’ve added to my list. Particularly struck by the MORAL RELATIVISM cover as well as the original thoughts behind COLUMBINE, SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS, and FLYING LEAP. GARDEN STATE interesting as well. If you have yet to discover http://www.lauraklynstra.com do take yourself there, covers that are art work in another way…… Many blessings, Wendy Jane Carrel

  • FabulousTerrah

    Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Cheers!

  • Alex

    I really like the last book cover concept for Patricia Morrisroe’s memoir on insomnia, Wide Awake. A clock outlining the book (and it’s in yellow…, my favorite color as of late, like my car). Having just done a memoir of my own, this was nice to come across. Great, no brilliant, work. Applause to the designer (was it the author herself?)!

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  • Michael

    Nice covers! Good food for the brain!
    Now I just do the cover, and this selection very great as example. Thanks!

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