Arabic Typography: 24 Beautiful and Modern Examples

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Arabic Typography: 24 Beautiful and Modern Examples

Arabic Typography may not be the word on everyones mouths in the design world, but it sure is making its way there. People might think of it as complicated Islamic verses, but it isn’t. Arabic typography can in fact be very simple and elegant, as proved in this post.

Here is a collection of Arabic typography by various typographers. Let us know what you think of Arabic typography and what one is your favourite in the comments section!

If you took an interest in these works, check out the following book about Arabic typography: “Arabic for Designers“.

Showcases ~ 11 comments




Romail’s Logo

Gaza Cry Blood


Palestine 2


Jalsah Logo




Din Arabic Poster

Security Fence

Din Text Arabic

Arabic Salam

Arabic Calligraphy Workshop Poster



Bon Bon


My London 2012


Intellectual Lifestyle Magazine Photoshoot

If you took an interest in these works, check out the following book about Arabic typography: “Arabic for Designers“.

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  • Ryan

    Granted, I can’t read a majority of them, but they are very nice examples. Arabic typography and calligraphy has always struck me as beautiful

  • Ruben Ybarra

    Thank you for showing these. I have studied a little bit of Arabic and I also like to see Arabic typography and calligraphy. I wish I was talented to do such beautiful work.

  • Eko

    MashaAllah, really elegant design for typography.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  • Husien Adel

    Wow great collection , first time see this elegant collection
    thanks a lot my brothers ;)

  • Nihad

    I loved the Bismillah, nice smooth modern font!

  • Joumana Medlej

    Failing is a ripoff, it’s a classical design that’s been around for centuries – I forget where the original is. They’re not all GOOD typography and many seem to be made by the same person, but they’re certainly visually striking.
    I just can’t help get a bit condescending about Arabic typography being suddenly all the rage in the West, leading people to rave over work that would seem uninteresting to those who actually work in the field.

  • rlharris9337

    I’ve never seen so many arabic designs before. These designs are amazing. I’m going to look into this more to see what else I can dig up. Good job buddy.

  • Mubashir Baweja

    Thanks, everyone! :)

  • sana

    just wonderful!!!

  • Esra : Arabic Helvetica | Blog

    [...] here to check out some gorgeous examples of modern Arabic [...]

  • Raffy

    The stroke patterns for the Arabic part of Jalsah logo is actually a good starting point for making the Arabic version of Romain du Roi, Fournier, Baskerville, Bodoni and other Didones.

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