Mind Deceiving Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography

Mind Deceiving Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography


Keith Loutit has put these amazing pieces of video together using the incredible tiltshift effect, they’re really captivating to watch! View the rest of his videos on Vimeo.


  1. Some of these are pretty sweet. The packed beach one and the train coming out of the tunnel are probably the most convincing. I keep telling myself I need to try it out, and keep forgetting. Tilt-shift is definitely one of my favorite lil’ photo tricks.

  2. WOW! is an amazing photo Trick I really like tilt-shift photography. It looks really like a miniature. Thanks for sharing this photograps.

  3. Nice little collection here. Its so strange but captivating how such things can be made to appear minature through the trick of the lens! Some of these are really good!

    I love both of the ones with the horses!

  4. I really amazed all of your collections! It can really attracts people. This is really an eye-catching photograph. Does it take a long time taking this pictures?