31 Photos That’ll Leave You Wanting to Shoot With a 50mm Lens

31 Photos That’ll Leave You Wanting to Shoot With a 50mm Lens



  1. Thanks to Callum for pointing me on to this article.

    All I shoot with is a 50mm prime at 1.4 – Sharpness and DOF cannot be beat, plus works great for low light conditions.

    Great blog, I am now a fan.

  2. Wow! Does that DOF comes only because of the lens itself, meaning DOF in the photos is not a photoshop’s trick? I’m not a photographer and I even don’t a photo camera, only video camcorder. So if that nice DOF is thanks to the 50mm prime, I’d buy such thing as a present for my girlfriend, she’s an amateur photographer and has bought her first DSLR a few months ago. Other than 50mm prime, what would you guys suggest? Question to photographers. :) It might be not an appropriate place to ask such question, but pardon me and please let this comment leave, maybe someone will reply to it. :)

    Cheers guys.

  3. @Sergei, It’s the lens that gives you such a great DOF, I’m going to give Ben a shout to reply to your question(s) in more detail – he knows much more about it than me, hehe! :)

  4. Great round up.

    While the 50mm isn’t my favourite lens (It’s my 2nd fave my 135mm F2 L takes the top spot 😛 ) these are perfect examples of why I very rarely take my camera anywhere without it.

  5. I love these photos, and I love that lens. Since I got it, I use it 80% of the time, it has transformed the way I view photography. Thanks for sharing these

  6. I use a 50mm on my Nikon D40, alas, all manual so tack sharp is a wee bit difficult at times. However, it is a wonderful lens to have. It opens up challenges and new ideas when just walking around.

  7. Whats the difference between 1.4 and 1.8 aperture? 1.4 seems to be more expensive, what is that? is it better?

  8. @Arnold: Yes, it’s better. The lower the aperture number the higher the aperture is, and the higher the aperture is the more light it will let in. It also creates a much wider depth of field, so basically the background will blur even more with a 1.4 50mm lens.

    Here is a comparison of the two lens (the Canon 1.4 vs 1.8 50mm lens): http://bit.ly/50mm-comparison
    And here is a bit of information on aperture: http://bit.ly/photo-aperture

    Hope this helped :)

  9. yea that helped a whole lot, thanks. Do you think its worth getting a more expensive 1.4 over 1.8, to me i dont see much of the difference between the two. Also will these lenses make the images much sharper like the photos above?