20 Piping Hot Helvetica Based Typographic Posters

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20 Piping Hot Helvetica Based Typographic Posters

Helvetica is one of the worlds most popular and most used typefaces, the original Sans Serif font is 53 years young, whilst the Cyrillic version was released in 1970, Rounded in 1978 and Neue in 1983.

The typeface is so popular, it is used in a number of big companies brand identity, for example; American Airlines, Toyota, BMW, and Microsoft.

In this showcase I have listed some fantastic Helvetica posters that really do the typeface some justice. If you’re not a fan of the font, these fantastic pieces may just make you warm to it a little.

Showcases ~ 9 comments

Typography – Final Test

Helvetica Poster


Helvetica Poster

Helvetica 50 Years

Helvetica Is Art

Helvetica Red

Helvetica Poster



Helvetica, How I Love Thee


Helvetica Poster

Helvetica With Love


Helvetica Live!

Thank F*** For Helvetica


We Love Helvetica

Dusty Helvetica

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  • Robert

    Such a great post! These are really good examples of how to use it.

  • Paul

    Thanks Robert!

    I really enjoyed writing this one up, there are so many fantastic examples of this font “in the field.”

  • Kevin Walsh

    Really inspiring post.

    Thank you so much.

  • Junior

    Great collection. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alexey

    Did you know that you can put whatever you want in the poster and it would still look bad in Comic Sans?

  • Michael

    Awesome choice of examples, thanks!

  • Puneet

    Nice job :)

  • Jen

    Another Helvetica poster for your collection: http://www.eugenelvovsky.com/typeis/0201.html

  • Kris

    What about Günter Gerhard Lange? Miedinger just redraw an old typeface. And Frutiger did a better job with Univers anyway. Though Helvetica Neue is pretty neat. I think the main popularity comes from the fact that it’s Switzerland’s official typeface and due to the spread of Swiss/international style it gained so much popularity.

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