20 Beautiful Bokeh Photographs That Will Leave You Dazzled

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20 Beautiful Bokeh Photographs That Will Leave You Dazzled

The bokeh effect has to be one of the simplest, yet most visually stunning. It’s achieved by un-focusing (or blurring) out lights in an image which turns them into shiny circles! It normally helps if you have a high depth of field going on.

Some of the pictures you’ll see a few different shape lights, this is achieved by modifying the bokeh effect using a filter which goes over the front of the lens. So, enjoy these beautiful bokeh images!

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If you want to start taking your own bokeh photographs, buying a lens capable of a high DOF will most definitely help, such as this low price but super high-quality prime 50mm lens. Already got a lens? Check out this bokeh masters (filter) kit! Don’t forget to let us know which one is your favourite!

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  • ash kingston

    Awesome love this write up guys keep it going!

  • Callum Chapman

    Mmm, beautiful bokeh. #nomnom! ;)

    @Ash: Thanks man – never knew you were a reader until you just commented! Glad you’re liking the content. :)

  • Ali Designs

    Cat is my favourite :)

  • Agencia Fósforo

    great work, very inspiring.

  • Neil Hargreaves

    Great to see some beautiful bokeh from natural sources. Shaped bokeh from fairy lights is starting to wear a bit thin on me, but I just love it when it’s all nature’s work.

    Who would have thought you would get such great bokeh from light reflected from pebbles on a beach?

  • Bogdan

    All photos are amazing, but the last one is just brilliant. Well done!

  • Vladimir

    Nice photos…
    I like most of them :)

  • Dennis

    amazing collection

  • 20 Beautiful Bokeh Photographs That Will Leave You Dazzled

    [...] 20 Beautiful Bokeh Photographs That Will Leave You Dazzled [...]

  • Pixelbox Design

    excellent article, some very useful information, many thanks.

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