Calling All Design Students!

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Here at The Inspiration Blog we understand the need for budding designers to have their work published. Over the next few weeks we’ll be accepting submissions from design students and showcasing your work on our homepage, Facebook and Twitter feed for FREE.

Are you ready to be “discovered”?

Read the rest of this post for details on how to submit your work and get your name in lights…

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We are now accepting submissions from design students as a way of giving back to the creative community and promoting new designers.

The submission guidelines are straightforward. On the right-hand-side of this page you’ll see a list of our most popular design categories including Photography, Web Design, Video, Illustration, Animation and more. What we’re looking for is examples of your work that fit any of these categories. If you don’t see your particular category, simply let us know and submit your work anyway.

We receive thousands of visitors to our site each month who are here to see one thing – great design inspiration. We’d love to showcase your work alongside our other posts.

What do YOU get out of this? A FREE showcase on The Inspiration Blog which is visited by thousands of creative eye-balls each month who share via number of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and more. That’s some great exposure!

How To Submit Your Work

Your submission must include:

Please send all submissions to the following email address:

Below are some examples of previous Artist Showcases for you to see. This is what the final result will look like when published.

Now, go for it!!

Submissions are open until 20th May 2012 (US Eastern Time). We will endeavour to publish all quality work, but reserve the right to not publish certain material at our discretion. Please ensure your submission is original and your own work.

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