Artist Showcase: Awesome Fantasy Illustrations by Gregbo Watson

Artist Showcase: Awesome Fantasy Illustrations by Gregbo Watson

Illustration by Gregbo

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs by Gregbo


Scrooge by Gregbo

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter by Gregbo

Her Name Is Alice

Her Name Is Alice by Gregbo

Coffee Break in Fantasyland

Coffee Break in Fantasyland by Gregbo


Carnival Witch by Gregbo

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Twitter: @wickedgregbo


  1. Solid art from Gregbo!

    Great form, perfect color mix, and creative approaches to familiar characters.

    All good here! Keep rocking Gregbo.

  2. I believe that there is a fantasy side in all of us. However, this fantasy may be hidden beneath us as we get older and learn about the harsh things in life. Day to day, people who influences us when we are educated in school can easily weigh down our dreams and hopes. It is a very admirable thing that artists and illustrators choose to embrace their creative side and let their fantasies run wild as their career choice. In society, it has always been frowned upon that people who chooses art as their profession would not be successful. Having a passion in something and being relatively good at it comes over time with much practice and hard work. In the end, I support the thought that when someone works hard and strive for what they truly want, they would eventually get it one way or another.