Artist Showcase: American Vintage Sign Photography by Bill Rose

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Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Bill Rose is documentary photographer who strives to capture and preserve the increasingly endangered beauty of American vintage signs through his work. The main focus of his Recapturist collection is the Google-inspired neon signage favored by many local businesses during the mid-1900s.

Although this Mid-Century Modern architectural movement originated in Southern California, its influence can be found in almost every corner of the Unites States. As a result, much of his free time is spent exploring the nearly forgotten two-lane highways and back roads of America on a never ending quest to document these roadside treasures before they all fall victim to progress…

Artist Showcases ~ 3 comments

Apollo Liquors

Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Archer Motel

Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Kings Highway Motel

Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Stephen’s Meat Products

Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Liquor Sign

Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Red Motel

Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Travelier Motel

Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Westside Billiards

Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Bill Rose currently resides in Minneapolis but his passion for vintage signs originated while living in Seattle – when he first took his camera to shoot the old motels that decorate (the infamously rundown) Aurora Avenue. Although he had driven past them dozens of times, he didn’t fully recognize the personality and character of these neglected landmarks until viewing them up close and in isolation through a camera lens. Only recently has he combined this fascination with his love of road trips through small town America to produce the work now on display in his online gallery.

Twitter: @recapturist

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